Sunday , February 28 2021

Soccer was Neymar Uruguay's executioner

Neymar, the winner in Brazil, reached 12th place. Neymar achieved this feat in a friendly match in London, Uruguay.

In the 76th minute the striker was really wrong. Uruguayan was thrown into the opposite side of the goalkeeper Martin Campana. Deigo Lexzt was sentenced to death by a lawyer in the area.

The same PSG star's interpretation was canceled for 11 minutes. The attacker had no influence on the match at the Amis stadium.

Brazil had more prizes, but just before the Neyyar penality, the Uruguayan clone is a zero zero.

The striker Luis Suarez took advantage of a ball without the ownership of the Brazilian area, but in the crossrope of the algaon ship of Golcikaparamp.

Allan Kavani was shot in front of the goalkeeper for the first time in the first half of the match, while Vardamara Perera and Elizabeth Cavani shot a long haul. Pass by Suareren.

Alasin had to intervene to return the free kick from Swasch in the second half.

This is the first time Suvarez and Kavani shared in court after the age of 16 in the World Cup in Russia after Kavani was injured. He was in the quarterfinals of the Uruguay quarterfinals when he was in front of the champions France.

Defeat against Brazil in the Premier League is third on Uruguay. Brazilian star Brazil won the fifth place in World Cup quarterfinals against Belgium.

Brazil will face Cameron at the northern city of Milton Keyne Uruguay will play against France. Both teams are on Tuesday. // AP

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