Saturday , January 16 2021

T-Wolves is the president and coach Tom Thibodeau

Según fuentes de la Liga, Los Minnesota Timberwolves is the President of the European Union, and will be serving as the President of Tom Thibodeau.

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La victoria de los Wolves sobre Los Angeles Lakers were dominated by a ruckus at 14-6, 8-2 in the final match, Conferencia Oeste, and El Ricord General a 19-21. Están 11 ° en la clasificación del Oeste.

Los Timberwolves has been involved in croaking of cortés, but he has been found guilty of living in Robert Covington (more than once in Italy) and Derrick Rose (Tobillo derecho torcido) sin lesiones.

Thibodeau terminates a direct entry to Timberwolves from a record 97-107. With a total of victorious victories, Rick Adelman is the leader of the canor of history in the history of the nation.

Las Fuentes de la Liga dijeron a ESPN quote Fred Hoiberg is a small group of ministries, including Glenn Taylor, who is also working as a freelance general manager in the world.

Hoiberg, quien fue despedido como entrenador de los Bulls en diciembre, fue asistente de gerente general de Minnesota antares de convertorse entier de Iowa State.

Scott Layden is the youngest GM of Minnesota

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