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Television's supremacy

Television industry against film industry Tonight, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) will release its annual awards Gala: The Golden Globes, and in its 76th edition, it will again provide a technical view on the opportunity. Aesthetic and disturbing of two media, with the term "entertainment" structures of their DNA, directly or indirectly, can not accept the authenticity of American society.

This year, perhaps, the mention of sexual harassment practice in both industries does not have a similarity to 2018. Perhaps, some of the stars present at Beverly Hilton Hotel mention Donald Trump's absence of immigration policies. Which, of course, some darts will be introduced in acceptance speeches.

But we will not forget that Golden Globes and Hollywood Academy Awards – Oscars – are part of the establishment that is on the political responsibility of privileged profitability (reading, box office or "rating"). Officially American Values

What will be shown in the Golden Globes is that while the ease of Hollywood films come in shock Remake; In biography, those who induce them to "disintegrate" fail, or are ideal in the ideal historical reconstruction of the figure in the technical category (make-up, costume, photography, etc.), it is television, by imagination, as follows . Put your finger into the wounds of society's disease away from collective happiness. More in current times

Big screen girl

Repeats Best Drama Series in Television Productions which compete in a category Americans, Regan administration centered in eighties, and in which two Soviet agents settled in Washington to pretend to live a family life with teenagers of couples. Outside the game of Double Life, what is interesting about this series written by Weisburg, is a common mode of neuroscience and antitrust that corresponds to the behavior of the characters.

Debut adds to the competition for the Golden Globe BodyguardThe British series that raises the same moral dilemma Americans: A policeman, former English army veteran and post-traumatic stress disorder, is now working for the Secretary of the Interior, whose ideas he hates. Trace of military service is also presented Domestic, Julia Roberts, with Amazon Video Nominee, as a social activist, who helps in the transformation of civilian lives of soldiers and, after retirement, the US. The investigation is done by the Department of Defense.

In a tone Romance The psychologist is located in the Golden Globe Aspen's Quintet Eve murder, Best Actress in the Drama Series, will nominate Sandra Oh, actress nominated for Protonogist and Janny with Andy Semberg. In the production, she plays an agent of MI 6 (British Intelligence Service), which is decorated by the elegant designer with a pair comer, but it is ignored by journalists. And finally, less interesting, is that Pose, A series created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals, describes the exuberance and exuberance of the splendor of luxury in 1987 in New York, while Donald Trump proudly introduces a stunning (and very bad taste) decoration of 100 pants houses. Million dollars in Manhattan

For the comedy series, they compete Berry, Good Place, Joke, Cominsky method And Surprising Mrs. Macele, The last two favorites to win the HFPA trophy. Through Netflix, for the first dialogues and fleshy situations in which the elders' relationships are developed: An experienced actor who has never gained fame (Michael Douglas) and his former manager (Allen Arkin); And secondly, for ease of touch, in which she shows how to change the woman's life (played by Russell Brosnan), wife and mother, when she finds her dowry for stand-up.

She is in the Best Limited Series or TV Movie category where many Venezuelans will cross their fingers, so it will be convenient American Crime Story: Gianni Versace's Murder, For which Teachrances is nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Edgar Ramries, a feat which is difficult due to the presence of a similar series of legendary Allen Arkin. See if fortune is on your side.

Small big screen

The Golden Globe for Best Drama Film is a clear indication of the crisis of nomination, creativity and Hollywood's commitment to his country. Here they compete Infiltration in Kekkelan, Spike Lee's novel, not until the end of its history, it is a black agent who hides the intelligence of the Ku Klux Klan, who blames the current president for the revival of the white supremacy movement. United States

Critic is also a fantasy Black Panther; Rhapsody BohemiaFreddie Mercury's timid and unfinished biography; Bill Street BluesFrom the same director Moonlight, Barry Jenkins, who tells the story of a pregnant black woman here that can save her grandson from an electric chair, and, of course, a big favorite, A star is bornFourth adaptation of cinematic story of the unhappy love story between the immersed musician and the song's promising star; In addition, she is in the direction of Bradley Cooper with Lady Gaga, whose historic performance is correct but is improvable.

Competition in the field of Best Comedy or Musical Field is less clear than before, because experts give the same possibilities Mary Poppins Returns, Vice (Most political in all) Dear, Lauded Greek filmmaker Yogos Lantimos, and Green BookAnother view of ethnic prejudice by Peter Farrelli Complete the honor role, Crazy Rich Asiais O Medie CroresIt has been shown in Venezuela.

We discontinue this review, which will be repeated with the category of some foreign movies by the end of the Hollywood awards season, with a category for Best Foreign Film, where everything suggests that the unbeatable winner Alfonso Curon will be with the memorable. Rome, But it denies the value of Lebanon's works (Capernam), Belgium (Girl), Germany (Works without the author, It's nothing less than the director of wonder Others' lives) And Japan (Shoplifters, Which received the Palme d'Or in the film Cannes).

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