Saturday , January 16 2021

The first great news of CES 2019

Strong starts CES 2019 Without much details for Las Vegas right now, Samsung Has announced that its Television Models 2019 Apple will come with iTunes In its smart TV ecosystem. And he will not do it alone. We will also find AirPlay 2.

Buy and rent iTunes videos directly on Samsung TV

If Apple expects anticipated content streaming services to land for 2019, then the announcements made by Samsung will be fully fitted. The first time Apple is releasing from their desktop hardware devices to purchase and rent Apple Store movies and series.

With this ITunes integration in Samsung TVUsers of Apple Ecosystem have access to their library and direct access Buying and letting within the Apple StoreDepending on all Apple TV or other hardware connected to the TV.

The availability of content is similar to those already available with Apple TV 4K, which is with it 4 that quality and HDR. What should not be done now for ITUN users is the support for HDR content under the compilation segment because it does not enjoy the standard on the Korean company's TV, which bet on HDR 10.

The integration of iTunes will be total, And its contents will be available through smart TV guides, as well as text and voice search by Buxby. For Airplane 2, Will be both playback, video and music from Apple devices, podcasts and photos. Other aspects of integration, it is important to look into the privacy issues, because there is no specific example of privacy in the television world.

According to Samsung's press release, the iTunes app will enter into more than 100 markets on its TV's smart TV platform, while the AirPlay 2 will be a reality in 190 countries. It is not clear whether it will be the only company that will have this integration or only be the first to offer it.

Samsung TV Airplane

The arrival of the iTunes app and the support for AirPlay 2 are scheduled for spring, and 2019 will be both realistic by Samsung's new models and firmware update for 2019.

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