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The Heracles which will be the trend of 2019

Melanus XXL

However, everything points to the fact Melanus XXL The fact is that this 2019 is also a place. Additional long men look fashionable, In all its versions: more straightforward cuts with more spoiled hair. Yes,
Spanish stylist
Eduardo Sánchez, To make sure these people succeed, we have to add them "Curtain fringes and gradients that offer a lot of movement". Dakota Johnson Already have joined this genre.

Dakota Johnson, special long hair and bangs
Dakota Johnson, special long hair and bangs

& # 39; Longer Pink & # 39;

If the stylists seem to be somewhat clearer this year, in general, Humans will be shorter. Let's say goodbye to the mens by the height below the chest, we will pass like long hair or trends & # 39; Long Pixie & # 39; with short hair, but with a long, smooth coat Already with the Manny to see Emilia Clark or Kara Delewing.

Long and worn fingers are the key to this hairstyle. "We're doing it on several models which are already campaigning for next year"Account Maria Bars, Creative Director of Salon Madrid Chaseca.

& # 39; Cut the Blunt & # 39;

Actress Mila Kunis He said goodbye to his mane below the shoulder With this cut more fame is achieved. The & # 39;Blunt cut will become the biggest winner of the year, The straight cut that jaw can go to the clavicle. This Middle & # 39; Blunt Cut & # 39; with Strip in the Middle Or a classic ultra-easy man It's a formal but bold cut. "Smooth will be a direct stocking trend, adopting them, yes, in terms of our hair type and our facial shape. It is a very French style that has been found on Catwalk many times. Simple, linear, pure, very simple ", Tells us Chasca expert. Also Alba Diaz He aimed for this direct cut.

Mila Kunis is a & # 39; blunt cut & # 39; Wearing cut
Mila Kunis is a & # 39; blunt cut & # 39; Wearing cut

& # 39; We Cut & # 39;

That's the only cut & # 39; Blunt Cut & # 39; But with Bangs at this time. Yes, if something is clear to us, then it is that the bangles will win in 2019. Which is a cut character Taylor Swift More & # 39; Grunge In Her Time& # 39; If you're wearing a wet hair, a very casual and textured look. The hairstyle is a key Long long bang and open in the middle.

Tyler Swift wins ExtraLargo Bang in his time, more grunge
Tyler Swift wins ExtraLargo Bang in his time, more grunge

Fringes come back and all kinds of:

Straight bangs

Ultra Sharp Fringe There is also the longest man, As proposed by the stylist Eduardo Sánchez

Half hair with bang

Clue or clue Stay naturally on eyebrow And little Kevin on the tips for making the volume. That's what we're talking about.

Long Bangs

The fringe is collected as one of the Must be 2019 And especially in the long man. "They will look especially like a curtain and very carefree" Because it also confirms that Cristina Perez, Creative Director of Divinité Salon

But the more direct, thick, light or type of the curtain, smoking will be completely touching to make us feel different. Cheerful looks and freshness on any queue or pickup. Also, Diana Dyer says, "The fastest way to renew the look without leaving the hair!"

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