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The importance of vaccination when traveling




Saturday 10 November 2018, 10:41 am

This is necessary in maintaining health and minimizing viruses that can extend into the region. (ARCHIVE)

Only about 40% of people are immune to immunization and preventing viral infections related to health problems. Dr. Elizabeth Masis Barrera said.

Tropical illness experts say that few people know that vaccination is less important when traveling. He said that if they do not ask the country or the region, they do not take it for granted.

Vaccination is important for passengers to take preventive measures regarding their health and their health.

"There are times when you are traveling, the type of residence, the people you are traveling with, the traffic you go and the season you are going to ride," he said.

For example, when a long journey takes place, the risk of heart attack is not going to evaluate the long-term risks of normal doctor.

Travelers should assume that passengers do not have proper hygienic conditions in areas where they are traveling or where they live, "it is at risk of acquiring infections," he said.

He explained that most people do not know that there are vaccines to prevent some diseases like yellow fever.

"People who are traveling to tropical areas during the rainy season are at risk of mosquito breeding, and many diseases can be taken with these types of diseases, which can be completely prevented with a vaccine," he said.

The most dangerous group is called backpackers, eat in uninhabited places where many unhealthy places are eaten or dehydrated wherever they can not take food. "They are easily open to diseases such as typhoid or hepatitis A," he said.

Despite their entire vaccination picture during childhood, the specialist realized that all vaccinations were protected within a few years.

"For example, hepatitis A and B protect us for 10 years and three years of typhoid fever and influenza for one year," he said.

That is why emphasizing the importance of the study of the students, the myths around the vaccines remain solely "to protect themselves and protect the society through viral transition."

In March this year, Mexico had discovered three times that of measles. The disease was completely destroyed. These cases were taken to the Italian descent.

Since vaccination takes two weeks to produce antibodies, it is important to vaccinate for at least two weeks for travel. "If not, the protection will not work," he said.

Finally, he advised those who want to travel with a specialist in tropical diseases where typhoons are likely to be issued for the type of tripping, traveling area, travel time and passenger's health conditions.

"It is important, especially if you have other diseases and chronic illnesses, to keep your health on the go, get sick and get sick at one time," he said.

This is necessary in maintaining health and minimizing viruses that can extend into the region. (ARCHIVE)


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