Saturday , February 27 2021

The INR Court accepts the support of Linda Louisa

CaracasVenezuelan has failed to protect the sexually transmitted lottery Lopez, and has helped to prevent sexual harassment against sexual intimacy with regard to physical and mental torture, said the US American Court of Human Rights.

On the basis of equality, time was taken to investigate the facts of the state and justice was provided to girls.

"The US-American Court found that the state's responsibility for harassment and sexual abuse was a violation of many conventional American conventions on human rights, an inter-American convention to prevent and punish the American prisoners, defend women, punish, and dispose of women."

Hence, on Dec. 26, 2018, IACHR demands Venezuela to pay compensation to Linda Loise and her family.

The girl was 18 when she was kidnapped in March 2001. He was kidnapped by Luis Carira Almoa, who was kidnapped for four months by various prostitutes.

In short, Linda Loise's compensation costs $ 45,000, $ 20,000 for revenue loss and $ 80,000 for non-petroleum losses.

In addition, the father, mother, and sister must pay $ 30,000 for Luisa's sister, and give her $ 15,000 to other brothers.

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