Tuesday , May 17 2022

The millionaire owner of the Chinese Consortium joins the Communist Party


Jack Ma (Photo Reuters)

MIAMI, United States – People's Daily, officially on the Communist Party of China, founder of Chinese tech company Alibaba, Jack Ma, declared terrorism in its ranks and reported to AFP one of the world's poorest people.

In an article devoted to the influential personality of the Asian race, the media declared that Maa is one of the party's latest additions, which already has 89 million members and among other people, it is believed that the founder of Zhu Jaiyan and Wanda Group Wang Jeanlian

In addition to transit into the technological world, Maa is considered to be one of "Outstanding Architects of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Zhejiang Province", where Alibaba is the headquarters.

People's Daily also noted that Jack Ma has played an important role in promoting a "Silk Roads" initiative, an ambitious Eurasian investment program in Chinese President Xi Jinping's infrastructure.

Other people in the business and business world publicly state that they prefer to stay away from politics, connections with the Communist party can be useful for many Chinese private entrepreneurs, where the government is trying to increase the expansion of influence. Party in private industries

In the Asian nation, it is necessary that any company having more than three party members will make a production cell. Likewise, it is speculated that three out of four private companies already have party associations.

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