Saturday , February 4 2023

There has been an increase in cases of respiratory cystic virus in the country


In the framework of the winter campaign of 2019, this Ministry of Health (Minnesel) announced it The circulation of the cynical virus has increased And also confirmed that they are already 25 people were killed by influenza.

According to MinskThe cases of influenza are stabilized, but the breakdown of the cinchial virus has been implemented from Valparaiso region in the Los Lagos region.

Chairperson of Help Networks, Luis CastilloThe biggest issue for cynical virus infection will develop in the coming days: "The serious virus continues to grow, we hope that this thing will settle within the next 10 to 14 days, so we should expect more cases of advice and more children in the next few days. "

Exxuel González Court of the hospital, the director of the doctor Arena Ernida, Said that this year the infection has increased: "Influenza It affects the young children who are not the viruses Since then They are vaccinatedTherefore, there was no major problem with influenza in the past weeks. "

"Usually there are respiratory cystic viruses during the winter but it is very stimulating to what the virus intensity is. Yes it is a year, especially if it has affected the cinchial virus for young children"Professional added.

Experts recommend that the surface is clean and pesticidal, continuously washing hands, sneezing and coughing on the shoulders, warming the house, preventing prevention measures.

Not only that, due to the crisis in the south due to the flood, the undercene Luis Castillo He confirmed that pediatric and adult medical care will be strengthened in the affected areas.

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