Sunday , May 22 2022

These are the diseases that the technology has left us


Development and technological innovation have created us the tools that we can not get rid of now.

Undoubtedly, different gadgets have improved our performance and simplified the aspects of life, but not all are convenient because there is also a specific Techniques that have left us.

And, today we show you on Techbeat Diseases More than usual Technology has left us.

Carpal tunnel

The carpal tunnel is SyndromeGenerally, it is generated by working on the desk. What does it mean? Most of the time, we spend a long time in front of computers in a single place, which can develop this syndrome mouse in hand.

By operating a posture in our work and typing, our hands can suffer from the consequences. Carpal tunnels produce boring and weakness in the hands and grimase, then there is a chronic pain with extended arms.

We know that it is almost impossible to get away from our computer, so this syndrome may be possible to develop; However, we recommend that you relax and change the position of your hands during the day. Thus, you will help avoid this suffering.

Problems in Vision

Prior to the arrival of computers, cell phones or tablets, there were general eye disorders such as mayopia, however, with the advent of these devices, our eyes give much effect because of the light they give.

Tension of sight has been created by spending hours and hours of electronic devices, which can close the eyesight and dry eyes. This Expressions We mainly spend time in front of devices, and in turn, we significantly reduce blurred.

You can adjust the brightness of your devices for less damage to your vision.

Hearing loss

Currently headphones are our best because it allows us to leave the cell phone in the pocket of the clothing and listen to music or podcasts of our interest.

Now we can talk to the phone, listen to the voice audio or just listen to the music. However, these are all features Damaged High volume or continuous use of our ears can develop ear loss and booze.

Strain in the neck

This Strain in the neck It has also come with technical development because it has transformed our posture and we force our neck to pass on those places which are not true. Symptoms are muscle pain on the neck and may also appear to be headache.

When you answer the phone and do not stop doing other activities, there are some examples of this situation, you hold your phone with your shoulders and your head: you tighten under the neck. Or, when you type messages or browse networks only on your cell phone and tilt the neck and keep the cell phone at the height of the chest.


Cancer is also part of this list by radiofrequency radiation. According to National Cancer InstituteNo significant connection was found in the use of cell phones by cancer, however, the study of radiofrequency radiation of cancerous cell phones has been studied.

This significant relationship has led to the recommendation not to attend long telephone calls because it is believed that radiofrequency can cause cancer in the brain. Using a headphone to reduce the radiation intensity of the cell phone, keeping the cell away from the head is recommended.

These are some of the diseases that technology has left us, do you know them? Now you know a little more about how to stop them, follow this note's advice to improve health.

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