Tuesday , June 22 2021

These elected councilors must act in 9 DDs

Representatives of municipal councils in 335 municipalities were elected on December 9th.

The municipal public power executive administers the formal and legitimate work of municipal council from municipal councilors from elected councilors through popular vote.

Candidates residing in municipal corporations in the last three years prior to the election. In the case of Border Municipality, Venezuelan culture must have more than ten years of living.

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Within four years, the elected authorities will serve in that position.

The powers and responsibilities of the elected councilors are as follows under Article 95 of the Municipal Public Power Organic Act.

– In the first session of each year during the municipal year, councilors and counselors should elect the President, their Secretary and Secretary, or any other officer or officer to determine its internal laws.

– Implement the tax regulatory power of the municipality.

– Approve the municipal investment schemes contained in the Budget Ordinance Project based on the system established by local Public Planning Committees Act. Similarly, the revenue and expenditure of the municipality economic financial year empowers additional credit in the budget.

– Accept municipal development and other urban planning tools.

– Approve of renaming of municipality, depending on the laws applicable to its inhabitants and applicable laws.

– Encourage the promotion of civic participation in municipal public supervision training, management, control and evaluation.

– Mayor or Mayor of the Mayor's office or / or its mayor for more than fifteen days of municipality has no power.

– If necessary, think that queries are necessary on the basis of their credentials. For these purposes, Mayor or Mayor, Municipal Officers or Employees will be required to produce them and provide necessary information and documents.

– Counselors and councils must give voters with jurisdiction in their respective order and surrender their financial and political management in the first quarter of the current financial year.

– Other jurisdictions that provide laws, ordinances, and other legal instruments.

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