Friday , June 18 2021

They are investigating the Terrazas del Coronavista

The lawyers of two sons and daughters-in-law were near the house.

The incident took place in a house located in the town of Rio Claro. Terrasaz del Carroi. At the time, the body of Yenitsa del Valle Lugo Barios (51) and his son Jose Ramón Randon lego (20) died.

Fire broke out with a small circuit in the kitchen, according to the fire.

There was also a Commission on Science, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corp (CICPC) of the site.

There were evidences from the entire Housing Investigations division house house.

Docktories are believed to be trapped in a plastic pin.

However, the police have not yet been able to give an official report on what happened on Monday morning.

Another version

The residents of urbanization said that fire broke out when they shouted for help.

"We have left home to help them, but the bars are closed with outer lock-blocks, no one else is left, because they will not give up," one of the neighbors said.

In July this year, there was a complaint to theft of Terrassa de Corrien's homes. The act was rumored to act against act against the law and the family.

This led to the arrest of three officers of Bolivar State Police on charges of criminal offenses.

The neighbors claimed that one of these accused was escaped from the jail in Guipporo police station, but the authorities did not confirm it.

Expect statements from agencies in charge.


He realized that the Yeissist del Vall and Jose Ramon were taken out of the house. He was reported dead in police custody.

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