Thursday , February 25 2021

They started to make the winter from home

The UN- Mozambique Somos of Venezuela and Moziano Bario Adeno began deploying the Haryana Delivery Planning, led by the national government. Through the Carnine de la Patricia, social security should be ensured in bargaining and pregnancy.

Yesterday evening, Women's Minister Womitha, Carr Bertho, took part in the Planning of the City, houses the house at the Diocese of Nuevo Escort, the municipality, and the municipality..

In the monastery of Bagoon, a monument was celebrated in partnership with Hausing, Idaldorro Vellore and Governor Eliza Santalla. Aristopoulos Isaacis, vice president of Aragua's social area, listened to the women in the outpatient box in Las Takarigas of Maracca in January 23,

"Human Development Program in the Most Beautiful Projects We Have to Support Women in Pregnant Woman Pregnant Women", Twitter president Nicolas Maduro emphasized.

The recruitment of pregnant women who are not included in the social program will be recruited, said the head of state.

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