Thursday , January 21 2021

They stole and arrested the cattle

Three people were arrested on the east bank of the lake in Barlat municipality, while they stole and quartered cattle in rural areas.

In Al Valeto sector, Al Murra, by Urnden Parish, was arrested by the CPP with the officers of the Secretary of Balact municipality.

Alexander José Escalono Vargas, 26 years old, was arrested at the place; Norberto Louise Morales Guerrero, 25 years old; Juan Carlos Hernandez Duran, 31, and there are two women who have been ignored.

At the place, without the plate, the Ford truck, the F-150, the green color, the year 2008 and the motorcycle were rescued. While the shotgun was collected between the evidence.

The case was sent to the Public Prosecutor's office to continue the investigation into the Public Prosecutor's Office, Extension Cabinas.

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