Saturday , April 1 2023

Tropical and City Districts


The rewards included December and two weeks before. "El Rembon de Carassas", especially on the show at the Ciudad Camarisal Tamanaco Center (CCTC), Terrassa.

The exhibition they presented was: Guaco, The Perfect Melody, Sixto Rein, Kobi Cantillo, Lion Lazaro, and Pajarito Vola Show for about nine hours. At that time, participants downloaded tropical, urban, salsa, bag pipe and pop.

After a while, Kobe Cantillo, Lion Lazaro, Pajarito Wola Show, at eight o'clock, "Parallel Parallel", "Forenate" (he wrote in Ilegales), "elsewhere", "Never", "I can not forgive", " Tapered bore ".

But the Barcelona singer is not alone, an orchestra, a very energetic dance group, in addition to pictures of the light's electron player and pictures displayed on the LED screens.

The former member of the Los Angeles Maria Laura was a special guest. He sang along with them with "Borolalo" and Danny Flow, "Trepet".

Strengthened programs from the audience also started. Geo and Gambo made the audience proud with the audience. It rejoices viewers on "super zoom", "zoom zoom", "if I watch again", "I will let you know", "hip" and "toggle".

But when one of the audience approached his girlfriend, both of them showed another improvement. "Dollar goes tomorrow," said Martyn's older brothers. Before the woman's convincing reply, Perfok Melody was singing the song "Paruvuvutthu".

The last touch was Gao, who marked his career more than 40 decades of dance and hits dancing at Terrace del CCTC, Argentina in the final phase. So they lamented "Baja", "Vido", "Ease Moss" and "Lagmmas Now Mass". @Yolimer

Photo by Lucy Morilla

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