Tuesday , August 16 2022

Venezuela's beauty exported


Within a few weeks of the beauty contest of the Miss Universe contest, Chile will be represented by a smile with a smile and a smile and a vulnerable Venezuelan angle.

André Diaz was born and raised in Valencia, the capital of the state of Carabao. From the age of 12, she studied around the county in a local modeling academy to move her spots.

At the age of 19, she won a competition organized by baseball team and became her goodwill ambassador.
But Diaz's life has been spoiled for 20 years, as a model for Panama and later Mexico, which is now inadequate in a challenge Venezuela.

In this context, Andrea Dessas settled in Chile three years ago. There he lived for almost half of his family.

"I represent new ones," said 26-year-old Mzi.

During a gym training in Santiago. "This is a country where immigrants are looking for opportunities," he added.

Thousands of people escape every day from Venezuela, food shortages, escapes from inflation, a possibility to exceed one million, dozens of models for the beauty queens, media abroad.

Some of their adoptive countries participate in international beauty pageants.

Miss Venezuela will be participating in the Miss World pageant next month. In recent years, the city of Miss Tierra has attended two Venezuelans with Peru and Spain's bundles.

"My dream to be Miss is not going to end because of the simple fact that we are getting into a new land," said 22-year-old Jacuzzi Rosso, who arrived in Mizo Tura for a year in which he represented Peru. Despite failing to qualify for the final, he said that he would endeavor to win more matches and expectations to win the crown for his mother's country.

In the beauty pageants, there was a lot of excitement, such as WesternWel, Byelphol, and Beautiful. Suzuki is a country with beautiful and beautiful views over the years. She became a leader in international beauty pageants for the seven Miss Universe crowns and the six Miss World title. .

Although critics consider the innocence and outdated competitions, TV programs have helped hundreds of women to start their career as models, actresses, conductors. Become an old mayor of Venezuela.

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