Wednesday , July 28 2021

Venezuela's President rejects US plot for 2019 news

Creates a plot against the United States Administration (USA) Venezuela Especially, in the country, the chaos of Venezuela's President condemned the Friday, to produce anarchy Nicolas Maduro.

State Channel Broadcast Venezuelan television, Suggested that Washington and the Embassy USA They call and press "Venezuela" in Venezuela AnarchyDestruction of Venezuela until 2019 "

In the middle of their 56th birthday celebration, in Miraflores's Presidential Palace, the head of state promised to "Plenty of 2019".

Similarly, "Year of the war, Happiness, prosperity, stability "By 2019, when it starts the second word.

From the capital of Venezuela, with the light of the introductory Cruise del Evila, leading the traditional work of Christmas opening.

Venezuelan President said, "We must dismiss 2018 with courage, strength and happiness (…)," he believes that "there is nothing, and no one can harm him very much. Year 2019"

>> PDA Maduro celebrates the beginning of Christmas in Venezuela

Respect relationships

Once again, President Maduro summoned his American counterpart Donald Trump Joining for maintaining honor relations and developing joint projects.

"United States And we can be reconciled in Venezuela's projects for peace, together with similar love projects, together with love for youth. "

That way he mentioned the visit of the street basketball team Court kings, It was in some organizations in the Bolivian country.

"Independence, sovereign, rebellious, revolutionary Venezuelan peace, sports, culture, love for neighbors, unity among people can be integrated with people in the United States. City Crisis From The VillageWe must promote this diplomacy, "he urged.

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