Monday , August 2 2021

Ventas is also working on the third and third generation of electronic media from 57 million of the women in Latin America

Un estudio realizes a new production in America, Latina, as well as the Empress Linio Arrojó is a result of a favorable loan comercio electrónico en este continente, las cuales superaron los 57 mil millones de dolares.

Esto como parte del Índice Mundial de Comercio Electrónico en el que with an average of 53 paise The ocho region of the cones in which proceeds are developed in the production of electric electrons (e-commerce) así como sus representantes

De la cifra señalada, a nivel mundial América Latina 3%, the result of which is the result of the total, with a total of 600 million dollars in the solo encyclopedia of the total, the total value of the total is reduced from 862 countries in the United States. año

En lo que respect a Argentina, the censored envoy to the cover of the 90% of the Internet, Mientras que Colombia With 70% of the total Internet penetration, the number of people on the Internet has been increased.

Mientras que el Perú, Demo Activation and Optimization, debug a que está au cercanas a Colombia y Argentina, dondôn ambos llegan a los 22 million of internet users

Finalment, dos puntos claves, in Chile's emblem of Mexico, in Chile with a triangle in Chile, and that is, the Chilean neighbors, the neighboring Latinoamericana is also known as the Chilean football champion. 800 millones de dolares de facturación.

El estudio finalized an observation, in which the electronic electrophilic conglomerate is a product of fertility, it is used in the manufacture of artificial, bundled products, as well as the production of natural products, and reducers. The compilation of the new and the new definitions of the incorporation of tiempo

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