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Violence in Venezuela killed Monica Spear's life

Violence in Venezuela killed Monica Spear's life

Monica with her little daughter, Maya.

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Sunday, January 6, 2019 – 1:28 pm

Today is the fifth anniversary sign of the death of actress and beauty queen

Crime and violence in Venezuela have stopped publishing the country's star, actress, Monica Spear for years.

According to the international press, on January 6, 2014, Beauty Queen returned to the city by visiting her husband, Thomas Henry Barry and her daughter Maya company, some territories of Venezuela, as you can still see their social networks, when they are Puerto Cabello- Valencia Highway (Carabobo) was trapped in the El Kembur sector.

At that time, one of the attackers stopped him and he was surrounded by bullets in less than 15 minutes. Maya Barry Speyer, was shot in the foot during the incident.

After five years of double murder, many security activists are trying to make the Venezuelan crime contrary to the wall. Currently, Maya lives in the United States with her grandparents.

Collective memory

Despite the passage of time, people have telenovela & # 39; passin prohbida & # 39; Do not forget the protagonist and it has been called the "visible faces" of Venezuela, who have been killed on the streets of this country.

Spear's memoir will be captured in a film, which will be recorded between the cities of Caracas and Valencia.

This plot model is played by Andrea Rosales, who participated in Miss Venezuela in 2015.

The tape that originated is gradually slowly and again directed by Giovanni Gomez YC and has more than 40 record scenes.

Andrea had to cut her hair on the shoulder to recreate the last years of her life in Julia, who wore that look at her death.

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