Saturday , July 2 2022

Volkswagen three plants will be allowed for electric cars in Germany


Volkswagen Three plants announced in Germany would be redesigned. Zero emission generates electric vehicles in order to increase the production of these units through European regulations.

The company, which is headquartered in Wolfsburg, said that in 2022, electric vehicles will be built in Emden and Hannover. A plant in Swikvu was designed to produce such units before.

Volkswagen Director Gunnan Klone said that employment will be ensured for workers up to 2028. Electric vehicles require some headaches. Construction

According to new European Union laws on greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, analysts say vehicle owners have to add electrodes to their offer.

Volkswagen and other car companies have gained in the diesel engine models for diesel engine models to prevent carbon dioxide emissions. . However, sales of diesel units in Europe declined as Volkswagen had installed a computer program.

In this case, the VW pension has given more than 28,000 million euros ($ 31,000 million) in extraordinary occupation and other sanctions. In research on diesel technology, vehicles from other manufacturers revealed that in the course of testing, more nitrogen oxide emissions were produced under real driving conditions. The European test procedures were introduced on September 1 to measure emissions in real driving conditions.

Due to the decrease in the sales of diesel vehicles, the manufacturers have already started delivering electric units to the new carbon diesel range. High Costs and Designs The electricity consumption in the European Union is 0.6% of electricity units last year.

The details of the distribution of the plants will be decided by Friday's board of directors.

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