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Wasabi, Beatowns Portfolio, Cryptanews for Anonymous Transactions

The concept of anonymous is not connected to the bitcoin. This is because, because we have a public accounting record (a chain of blocks), so there is little effort to find the origin of the transaction. That is why Wasabi was born, it is the main key or portfolio of bitcoins that allows you to protect your identity without sacrificing any other benefits given by this cryptuctority.

Officially launched on October 31, 2018, Vasebi provides its reserves by Chawniian Cicajax Michera Technologies. This, by default, integrates 100 different transactions into one, Making the tracking process very difficult if it is not impossible. On the other hand, this protocol also includes the implementation of cryptographic blinding, which increases privacy.

In addition to the above features, and to increase anonymous levels in transactions, Wasabi integrates the TOR network protocol. This type of network has special properties that will not be shared with the public IP, because it is a series of hopes created and allows us to hide our connection; What Safe Navigation Provides

As you can see, anonymity for this portfolio is important. You can wonder if there is a commission in the mixing process, and the answer is: Yes, but with the speciality Operated commission is only 0.3% per shipments, Much lower than the fees charged for similar services.


Wasabi is a desktop portfolio and It is compatible with the best known operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows). Download links can be found on the main wallet portal.

Wasabi's official page Source: Wasabi

Here we are presented with various installers, where we will choose the one we use, according to our computer's operating system. On the other hand, in relation to installation, it is a very basic process and it is enough to execute and install the file, as we will do with any other program.

Source: Wasabi

After the installation, the first thing we will see is the screen like the one above. As shown in the right menu, we can create, reinstall or load a portfolio.

In the lower part we will see the word Synchronizing, This means that the portfolio is being synchronized with the network, because the connection is done by the TOR network.

There is no problem creating a portfolio for sync. When we go to send funds, it will need to be synchronizedSo let's continue.

Since this is the first time with Wasabi, we need to create a new portfolio from the option Make a wallet (Create Portfolio)

We have other options offered for us: Recovery wallet, Which allows you to recover a previously created portfolio. This will require a recovery phrase and password (I'll explain later why we both should be). We also have the option Loaded wallet, It allows us to load the portfolios we created in our device.

Back to the portfolio firm, Assigning the name is the first thing. This name is recommended for identification, especially if we use more than one portfolio in our computer.

The next thing is to set up and confirm the password. Here is a special feature of this portfolio, because recovery at the time of recovery is essential to others starting with seed. However, the Wasabi will request the seeds of the password and recovery to provide high level of security. In the case of putting a different password, a completely different portfolio will be created.

It's important to be wary of passwords that we use to restore it to the seed and store it, which makes it compatible There is no way to restore a portfolio with seed only.

To continue, we must read the terms and conditions, accept them (if you agree) and press Generate.

Source: Wasabi

In the above image we can see the keys we have generated. When we talk about money, these keys should be very careful; Therefore, we should be careful (or more) with them than our bank data. In fact, it is a principle that we should consider the recovery data of any cryptaneous portability port, as it is the only way to recover our address and money.

As a recommendation, copy both seeds and passwords on a piece of paper and keep it well, keeping backups in digital, for example, saving the capture on hard disk, increases the chance of damage in hacking cases.

Already with the copied phrase, we will press on: I supported the words smile! Translated into: I have protected the words of memory.

Source: Wasabi

After the recovery seed is formed, we will be sent to the section from which the portions we have created from our team are loaded. Here we will select the portfolio that we just created and press Loaded wallet.

Source: Wasabi

When we find this screen, we are already in the portfolio.

Wasabi invention

We have a portfolio ready, now it's time to know how to proceed.

Initially, while opening the app, we are in the department Send, Or send, the image that is visible in the screenshot above. This is where we send funds. We will explore this later.

On the right we find out WowLate ExplorerQuick access menu in each section of the portfolio. It also happens in the top menu, where you will find the same options that we will see in the side menu. On the other hand, at the bottom you have a status bar that you can see below:

Source: Wasabi

By going from left to right we look for messages: Ready Which means that the portfolio is synced with Wasabi servers, and Tor is running, Since then Installing the wallet, TOR is also installed; What allows private navigation to create. Therefore, when a portfolio is run, this service will be implemented to maintain anonymity.

On one side there is a message: Backend is connected, It can be interpreted as being the last update of the portfolio (otherwise, it will not appear as connected); Peers, The number of people connected to the server is; Mempul, The bitcoin specifies the number of transactions to be ensured in the network; And Price: Which is the latest bitcoin price (BTC).

Receive bitcoins in Wasabi

Alternatives to getting bitcoin are very easy in Wasabi, although it is limited to a small extent. To get the address, we have only bech32 types of segwet addresses; The point which is absolutely specific to receiving portfolio funds that are not compatible with this protocol. On the other hand, We do not have the option of creating custom QR codes, Where you can add the amount to receive with a destination address.

Leaving this clear, we'll go ReceiveInside the menu

Source: Wasabi

This section is what allows us to generate an address to receive bitcounds. At the top is the section Label (Label), which is required from each address as it is necessary because it must be an identifier. In the lower part we will see the directions directed together with each label simultaneously. To get the funding, we must either create an address or choose one already created. Similarly, if we want to see the abstract in the address's QR code, we have to click on it.

Source: Wasabi

Send BTC to Wasabi

The first thing we do is choose Send it In the menu

Source: Wasabi

In the table above, with their proportions, there are different addresses, which we have in the portfolio. If you look closely at the column Privacy, A warning warning sign is shown to us that these funds are not private and are traceable. However, on the other hand, we first mixed this fund, the symbol will become green (This step will be done later).

As mentioned above, if we were in a situation where we have mixed tickets in our portfolio, that is, there are mixed tickets which are private and are not mixed, which can be found, we will use the ship or address we are carrying To do this, it is advisable to choose the same type of entry (private with private and traceable with private), if necessary, with anonymity For married. Since then, if we link poor entry with a private person, then the origin of the transaction will be easy to find.

Next, in Address, We provide the destination address in which we want to send bitcounds. Next we have the box Label, A complete alternative field, to fix additional information about shipments only.

Ultimately we have a section Amount (BTC) Where we put a certain amount to send. It is crucial to keep in mind this point The amount of placing must be expressed in beatcounds, We can not express it in dollars and expect to automatically convert the portfolio.

On the right side of the box to put the quantity, it is the option that will pay us to increase or decrease the mining commission. Based on the situation we choose, the estimated time to ensure the transaction will change at the bottom. Similarly, the price of the mining commission will appear at the right of this. In short, the faster we want to process our transaction, the more commission we have to give.

To finish, simply enter the password and press Send transaction And so we will send funds. We can imagine all the transactions in the portfolio from the department History.

Source: Wasabi

Increase the privacy of each transaction with CoinJoin

CoinJoin is a bitcoin mixing tool that allows you to significantly increase privacy in every transaction we've made. In other words, it is unlikely to find the origin of the BJC that we send to others, because due to the process of coin John sent the beacons sent by other users. Another notable issue is that this type of mixing is quite decentralized.

To be mixed by this protocol, It is necessary that the sending amount is at least 0.10001 BTC. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the service. After making this clear, we went to Wasabi's Coin John section.

Source: Wasabi

At the top we have a complete list of bitcoins available by our Wasabi portfolio. In addition, in addition to the amount and address we own, we have a privacy column (Privacy). It shows us the current privacy status of this fund. If you see a red logo with X, which is shown in the previous image, this is a traceable coin that needs to be mixed.

The first step to combine the coin is. Clicking on the check box or selecting a lower option is enough Select all non-private (Select all non-private).

The next step is to enter the password and Select the option Enter the selected Coins for CoinJoin. Then it's a matter of waiting for the round to finish with the privacy status and getting back the bitcoins. Once the process is over, then we will see how the coin mark will change from red to green, indicating that the transactions we make with these coins are now private.

Findings about Wasabi wallet

Wasabi, who had commented at the beginning of this tutorial, is a name that is centered on anonymity and does not doubt this suspicion. In order to ensure complete private connections in nodes by the Tor application, despite its decentralized mix of portfolios, its developers want, in a way or another, to provide private transactions to the user.

On the other hand, despite the very new portfolio, it is still the best option for new users. Wasabi is the easiest wallet that can be used and has very special sections, which can be very helpful in making bitcoin valleys easier to use.

In conclusion, Wasabi is an excellent option for people who use wallet only from a computer, as it is not yet available for mobile devices. They are also shown as an ideal option for people seeking privacy in their transactions with bitcoin. And finally, for new users, due to the ease of the interface this purse is offering.

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