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"We are in dictatorship, without masks, without corruption and without any filter"

January 6, 2019 01:15 AM

"We, in a dictatorship, without a mask, without filters and without filters, we must admit that we are facing a repressive and depressing system that forces people to be dependent on the box." Joint President Juan Gaido is the best-ever 2019- During the 2020 period, the President's elect verdict was stated.

In an ongoing hour-long speech, the Volutod populer's representative called Nicholas Maduro's illegality as 2019-2025, because "the election was not held on May 20" and it was repeated that from 10 January "using the Republic's Press."

"We will meet with the people, we will come across them in every opposition. We will make a claim on every right that violates this. This town, which has given everything and despite suffering, has not got blackmail and has not participated in the poll."

The way to restore the constitutional order completely is adjusted in three stages: the end of exemption, conditions for a mutual government, and people, the international community and the armed forces, get support from free elections. "This change is not based solely on parliament, it is up to us to implement our command and demand."

Guaido proposed to perfection that the executive believes that "the sole legitimate power elected by the people of Venezuela," the representation of people "where they should and should do it"; And the creation of a hug body for transition. He also proposed that the "emptied power" will be renewed and legal representatives are "appointed to promote human resources and before the reform of a constitutional order can be promoted" and authorize humanitarian aid.

"We have to stop this lawsuit. We must make the terms of the transition government calling for free change. By January 10, the Presidency is not empty, it is used. We are in the dictatorship and we have to act," he asserted.

Although officials of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service feared the threat to the alleged explosive device at the Federal Legislative Palace on Friday night, the new parliamentary motion was banned yesterday morning. .

"We are standing as a legitimate power that produces expression and popular opinion and it is a victory for Venezuela. When we manage to clarify all the unity factors opposed to this rule, victory will be complete.

And he concluded: "We do not surrender to Venezuela, we rely on us. It is so clear that Maduro is a dictator and this parliament will not promise you on January 10th."

First Judge Parliamentary, Marialbert Barrius, Gideon as Chairman of the Parliament, Edison Zambrano of Assisi Democratic, first vice president and Stalin González of Nueva Tempo, was nominated in the second Vice Presidential election.

The group on 16th July approved the Vice President for the votes. Before the session, the representative of the fraction, Biégio Pillieri, wrote a statement in which he said: "Support Zambreño and González will support the direction that will not hide the agenda." He added that at the moment, definitions and republican courage are needed; leaders are forced to give citizens an alternative option.

Parliament also handed Edison Ferre, Secretary of the Prime Ministers Justice and Jose Luis Carta as undercricket. Both were nominated by the UNT parliamentary, Nora Breako.

In the statements presented in the Hymk Cycle Gardens, another Vice President said that this year the Legislative branch has a big challenge: "Without a begging for anybody, we have to save the fundamental right to save the country we live in peace."

He clarified that the constitutional form of issuing "Nicolas Maduro youthups" is with elections, for which it elects that Parliament expects Executive Power, as suggested by Lima Group.

Other sounds Outgoing President Omar Baraboza convinced that the agency would have to use its legitimacy to restore democracy in Venezuela. They believed that Parliament could not declare themselves in an emergency or in a permanent session because "the constitution and regulation for this session only improves the name of the new board of directors".

Deputy Juan Pablo Gunipa suggested that perfection showed its "democratic spirit, legitimacy and sovereignty". It seems necessary to take action to "defend the constitutional order".

Political movement deputy and founder Della Solarzano said that Parliament will comply with its responsibilities in the light of current situation in the country.

"We have a historical challenge before the situation we are living in. We called for unity, we should give up personal views and pretend that we can come out of it. Without armed forces, comply with Article 328 of the Constitution. Required. "

He said that the Lima Group requested the executive to hand over power to the National Assembly and called for the election process, which was not held on May 20 in Venezuela. "We will designate the power of the state so that the transit process is possible".

Henry Ramos Elupe, Secretary General of the Assasson Democratic Republic, said that the country's emergency settlement must be in the constitution.

"If we have repeatedly charged the government for violating the law, we can not present any solution that is not in the Constitution. Any solution in Venezuela's case will be met by complaining of Magna Carta.

He declined further comment because, in his opinion, his words have been "contaminated" on social networks.

Chivista leader Diosdado Cabello, who was the chairman of the constituency, announced that Maduro would be handed over to the Supreme Court of Justice because "there is no legitimacy to ignore Parliament."

Terak L Acemi, Vice President of the Economic Area and close associate of Maduraro, said that the opposition leads its followers to the "dead end".

Luisila Pacca, from the socialist parliamentary block to the Utuquoco Contrera, and the PSU for Zoolia, was present at the ceremony, in which he was late.


Juan Gadoado survived the landslides of the Vargaas in 1999, when he was 15, an experience that led him to politics and he emerged as the student leader of the so called Generation of 2007. He holds a degree in industrial engineering from Andreas Bello Catholic University. His first meeting in Parliament was obtained as a deputy for the 2010-2015 period. In his legal work, he condemned and encouraged the corruption case related to the company of the audit company during his tenure in the Controller's Office. Law Anxiety. Now he is the youngest member of the National Assembly, who has taken position for 35 years. It is proposed to "work with great responsibility on the coming land and with your feet".

José Veracuso, UCAB's Rector

"The National Assembly must know that it is our disorder in the Republic Presidency since January 10," Jose Vertiussura of Andres Bello Catholic University confirms the rector. He asserted that Parliament gets great support from the society, which recognizes it as a lawful organization. He believed that to agree on the path towards democratic transition, he had to act towards legitimacy and call on civil society and political parties.

Luisa Ortega Dias, Attorney General of the Republic

"All my support for ANN's new leadership, chaired by Deputy Juan Guado, who encouraged the union today, included and hoped that Venezuela needs to restore democracy and regain their independence. Their definition and hours of courage are" Ortega Diaz Said on Twitter account. The lawyer is under the protection of Columbia Government, where she arrived on August 18, 2017.

OAS General Secretariat

"President Guido has earned our respect as a politician." The head of AN, one of the state's last legislative powers, embodies the constitutional responsibility of the transition of Venezuela's democratic transition. Efforts made on the head of Parliament to restore constitutional order to restore Venezuela's basic human rights We will support. "

Antonio Ledezma, deportation politician

"We express our support for Juan Guado. In the recent years, it has come to respect the commitment of millions of supporters of ANA to Venezuela. On January 10, the Transformation government should install the Venezuelan economy to rebuild and all support to meet humanitarian disaster. It is necessary to achieve. With transparency, people see it Vavum required that will not be betrayed with unsuspected commitment. "

French ambassador to Venezuela Roman Nadal

The President recognized the National Assembly as the country's only lawful body. In support of the ambassador, Ambassador attended the establishment of a new parliamentary board. In the parks of the Federal Legislative Palace, he announced that he would not participate in the inauguration of President Nicholas Maduro during the 2019-2025 period. He made clear that "it is a joint condition of the European Union."

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