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"When the Venezuelan Inter-American Court's Verdict is Impossible, There Will Be Justice" said Linda Loise Lopez


Venezuelan Linda Louisa Lopez Sotto, November 16, Friday "Talk About Justice" The Venezuelan state during execution US American Court of Human Rights (AID Court) He gave up his case.

"While speaking of the entire content of the Venezuelan state, I can talk about justice, but at the same time, the punishment is removed," says Loisza, who shares Twitter and Instagram account.

Linda Loise Loops is an artist The first Venezuelan It asks for the purpose of your country before the international court Violence Against Women.

The judges have directed the state to continue criminal proceedings against harassment and sexual abuse. Give your security guaranteeThe prospects of the officers who will not investigate will be determined first.

Linda Luisa Loops Santo She was abductedMarch 7, 2001 That was only 18 years of age July 19 In the same year, the authorities rescued them for fear of health.

The "kidnapped" Linda Lopez was subsequently discharged repeatedly Physical, reprimand and psychological violence And SexIncludes alcohol, drugs, drugs, loss of food, repeated voices, attributes, and property. "

This is the first response of human rights activists and advocates following the decision of the Inter-American Court to be held responsible for a series of Venezuelan regime. Negligence and transgression Your case

Court found "Responsibility for acts of torture and sexual assault The US American Convention for the Prevention of Corruption, Sentence, Chastisement and Punishment of International Women's Convention on Violation of Lindhus Luiza Lopez Sotto, Violation of Violence Against Women Many Terms of the American Convention on Human Rights.

The victim is a victim of wounds and bruises against her face, ears, abdominal pain, abdominal pain, fibers and bruises.

The case is Linda Loise Lopez

Linda Lloya's vulnerabilities in Venezuela say she was not with the victim's prey, A discussion went up About the country's recognition, punishment and sexuality.

In the criminal criminal process Venezuela The first was canceled and two expert trials were conducted. In the second case, the absence of independence and serious injury to the crime was punished for accusing Louis Galler Almeena. Violation is alleged. At the place of the violator is unknown.

Laps has argued that he will investigate the disappearance of his elder sister. The delay in the proceedings is also a constant change in the judges and prosecutors held in the two trials in his case.

Now the rape is going on.

Information from EFE and BCC Mundo / MBC

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