Tuesday , January 31 2023

Will donate to McDonald's Foundation



The SIG Foundation with two Universities homes in Santiago will start next year, with McDonald's friends network being chaired across the country at the Charity Festival, November

On this solidarity day, this year, the House of Ronald McDonald's 100% of the revenue from Big Mac Sandwich sales and the Manual Losano-directed SSE will contribute.

It will be sold at Macdonald's stores across the country at 9 o'clock on Friday. Those who want to help buy Macdonald's APP's BigPack to pay using the Mercado Pago.

The SI Foundation is located in Santiago since 2012, inaugurating the first university home. "We now have two houses in the province, and the third building begins in January, there are 34. Last week, we were the first kick that started appearing to enter next year and hundreds of boys continue to study," said Manuel Losano, director.

"The idea that we can attach to November 9 is important to us, because it helps us to expand our homes in different parts of the country and continue our children to learn more." Continuing learning ability is not a privilege but one thing we can all do, "he finally realized.

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