Friday , August 19 2022

WWE stars are in Mexico City


Mexico (Nomixx) .- The shawl of stars in the American WWW Hub is expected next Mexico City Arena December 1Otherwise, Rey Mysterio, Kallisto, Andrade Huntrrld Sols, the first one is a possibility of retaining the crown.

Although a poster has already been notified, this company has been updated with the presence of a company with a representative company "WWE Live Mexico Tour" It's two weeks ahead of completion.

Stellar Shows

Star blasts along with rock and smoked stars at 8 pm AJ Styles and Samoa Joe On the basis of impracticability

For Row's women's championship, Ronnie's master will open his scepter with Nia Jassine instead of Ax Bliss. In addition, Intercontinental will face Dean Ambrose of Seth Roles.

The Mexican in the fight

The Mexican presence will be in three matches. Of these, 619 and Master Roy Rey will be the Japanese Shipping Nakamura.

Meanwhile, the WWE Cruiserweight title, Mexican Calstosti, has to face Murphy; Another local player will be Andrey Zenmann Almas, and Rusev and Lana will remain competitors against Saina Vega.

Brown Stroman will face Baron Corbaugh. Charlotte Floyer will be his opponent of Mandi Ross; Elias before Bobby Lashli; Finn baller on the front of Drew Mindyira; The Colonels, BigE, and Coffee Kingston.

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