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18+ Japanese actors and surprising truths

Friday, 21/12/2017 17:07 PM (GMT + 7)

Tired, tired, tired 18+ Japanese movie actors have a common understanding.

Everyone knows that, 18+ Movie Japan is an attractive entertainment industry, which makes billions of dollars every year for the country's sunrise. However, those who are actually working in this sector will suffer only from the billion dollar industry.

If actresses have bitterness in their career, actors are not happy when facing many pressures in the workplace.

Hard work with close frequency

18 + Actor Japan and Surprising Truths - 1

Taka Taco – one of the famous "princes" of 18+ movie lines in Japan

Most 18+ actors have to work with solid frequencies. Taco (56), 18+ one of the best-selling movie princes, has published shocking numbers that during his 26-year career, he has made more than 15,000 hot movies.

Another star, Shimen (38) also made a statement that he has acted in more than 70,000 films in 18 years. At the busiest time, the star should take part in 21 movies a week, which means that she will have to make 6-7 adult films a day.

Because he and almost all 18+ artists can work only three days a week and can exercise and rest the remaining four days to schedule their health and well-being. So far, the number of actresses has reached the number of Shamikanas at around 8,000.

One male star talking about work pressure once said: "To do the work on the first day, do several times a day. Sometimes there is not much tired interest to meet the actress, but still have to continue working. This is very awesome."

18 + Japan actor and surprising truths - 2

18+ The number of male and female actors in the film industry is huge

Such overload for 18+ film actors is a major difference between male and female actors.

When the number of actresses in the industry has risen to 10,000, and about 6,000 newcomers are added every year, the number of actors is stable at around 70.

Each year, Cherry Blossom creates thousands of 18+ film products including the country's lawful and illegal. This means that on average, more than 100 adult films are represented every day. And the workload of this famous workload is less than 100.

Compassion lost much effort

18+ Japanese actors and surprising truths - 3

Shivkenni spent four days training in the week to maintain fitness and continuous working ability.

While actresses can easily enter the 18+ film industry, with just a little beauty and a hot body, before being a man, it should go through a rigorous, strict training process, licensed practitioners to participate in 18+ films.

Additionally, to maintain high efficient frequency, actors must always follow strict diet and exercise to ensure their health and well-being. They usually do 4 days a week in bodybuilding, nutritious meals, protein, smokers, not drinking …

However, female stars can easily become popular, prefer to receive and receive compensation for billions of dollars per month, while male stars receive only salaries, even in tired work. "It is known that the average salary of a male star is only 50,000 to 100,000 yen (about 11-22 million).

Tired of both physical and mental

18+ Japanese actors and surprising truths - 4

Most of the 18+ film industry actors are depressed, tired and tired

About 18+ Japanese filmmakers have the same part that they feel tired, tired and frightening by this work.

Shimike has lamented on her personal page: "There are only 70 male artists, while there are 10,000 actresses. There are 4,000 new films made every month, apparently the number of male characters is not enough."

Kato also laments: "When you see the actress's nude or the buttons, there will be a reaction, but after almost two years, because relationships often become weak."

18+ Japanese actors and surprising facts - 6

While filming on high frequency, they also have to face many health risks

Another young actor said that he was tired of having sex 70 times in a month. Although he was young, in good health and physical strength, but while participating in filming he felt dizziness, dizziness, irritability, nausea and insecurity.

Due to excessive work, condoms are not used in sex and hormonal problems, 18+ actors infectious diseases as well as physical,

In addition, excessive exercise, especially due to the waist, backbone diseases, back pain, is also a common disease of male actors. Apart from this, due to the business's sensitivity, many men are reluctant to go to the hospital for medical examination and treatment, so the consequences are much more serious.

Actresses are often removed due to more young people, more beautiful nearby. Meanwhile, male actors often have to leave early because they can not afford sex. This does not only affect economic life but also affects the health and attitude of the actors.

Amateur to remove childhood imagination

Hunu Thu Singh has worked hard to produce 18+ films.

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