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300 billion dung falls like gold leaves, people compete

Lamborghini-led young man spent 300 billion VDDs across the city. Spread out

Recently, residents of the poorest districts of Hong Kong, Sham Shui Poh, were scattered when they saw a young man riding a Lamborghini supermarket on the road.

After that, "money rain" in the 100 hkd (approximately 300 thousand dong) has been mentioned in the sky. Immediately, hundreds of people were excited for them.

By verifying, this person has been named Wong Ching, Ipok Cryptuctori. People are compared with them as a Bitcoin millionaire.

This young man motivates Lamborghini to spread money

This young man motivates Lamborghini to spread money

Posted in another video, Wong spoke from within luxurious Lamborghini, describing himself as God, thieves of rich people and distributing to the poor.

Later, Wong was arrested by the police and was accused of disturbing the public order. Wong has not exactlyified the amount of funding it has spread. Police said they had seized around 6,000 HKD (about 18 million). Others said that this money is estimated to be worth at a cost of 100 MHz (approximately VDD 300 billion).

The shortage of supercar drivers spreads money around the city

In July 2018, the Russian youth group caught the attention of everyone in the street-throwing video of Russia's young Mrs. Kids, an account of the account of Russian youth. .

In rap music from car radio, three teens have held cash bundles before dropping each sheet through a car window running on the street. Peterborough The rich man laughed and said, "Do you waste hundreds of dollars?"

The story of spreading money by car is not just for the Russian rich family. In early 2018, the London Rich Children's Association also drew attention to a clip of Ferrari running scenes to raise money for fun. According to the clip's image, they hid the cash for $ 100,000 (about 2.0 billion) under the wheels, then the wind began to hit the flying money everywhere.

300 million cars on the street split up the giants

On the morning of July 19, 2018, the Dugu Baku Police Department (South Korea) received a report about sprinkling money sheets in the repeated information about a woman driving a car to Hyundai Ives. The woman walked around and proceeded to spread money on 11 different roads.

With the help of people, the police won a total of 15.8 million (more than 316 million). And the wrong money is not counted.

At the age of 51, there is a strange process on a woman named Kang. Her odd actions were known to be in hopelessness and unable to control anger, so she did such shallow deeds.

Sadly, millions of people were drowned in the streets on the streets

In early 2017, a woman in Chongqing (China) caused traffic to stop the road while she uncertainly brought millions of coins.

Photos taken from surveillance cameras show that a black woman has crossed the line for a pedestrian walk, who has entered the bag, has taken money and put it on the road.

The police were called in the scene and a total of 16,369NDT (more than 54 million VDOs) were taken. Then she retreated behind the woman and returned the full amount. When asked why she decided to "make money silk" in the middle of the street, the woman said that her mood was very bad.

Not only in the world, and in Vietnam, there are many giants, billionaires are distracted by money like money, people are surprised.

Hotginger spreads money between Saigon's chaotic intersection

On the afternoon of September 7, 2015, a young girl gathered a lot of money in the sky and raised friction on the streets to gather people and collect money.

The girl got money again.

The girl got money again.

The name was derived in the crossroads of the intersection of Le Than Tone with the name Khoi Naagia (HCMC). A couple of shirts and shorts, the girl ran her long legs, wearing sunglasses, on the shore, on the banks of the bank, the money collected and the surrounding people gathered and ran to collect.

The young girl was very interested in her actions. These are clearly shown on the face and the smile is somewhat content. It was not done only once, the girl again made a certain excitement between the crossroads by paying the money.

In the train window, people disturb the money dispersed

On August 28, 2015, in the clip with the title: "The country's great clip, Nagoc Trik, spreads money like rain for the army of the soul", the TRA Vinh Giant was sitting on a high chair in the heap of money spread over the land. . Spreading this pile of money, the giant took the second part of the money to spread it.

Meanwhile, the crowd of young people and children screamed out loud to raise money, due to a move. It is unclear how much the similar value is, but it has created a happy and attractive environment for the neighbors.

The "mysterious" Giants spread more than 3km in New Year's Eve

In the world of Newspaper Information, Binh Ha Tay Hamlet (Thai My Commune, H. Ku Chi, Ho Chi Min City), people said on January 30, 2014, that when they were on highways suddenly "wealth" was received. Many billions of sects of 1000-2,000 and 5,000 VND are visible in 10 (Ho Chi Minh City – joining Taey Ninh).


Mr. V., who took the person around VVN5050, says that the money was "spreading" by people traveling in Innova's four-seat passenger car. Money is very thick, about 3 km. And estimated total value of approximately 10 million VDD. In the morning, money was taken by the passers.

It seems that on this road every year the "mysterious person" also appears to disperse New Year's Eve money.

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