Friday , May 7 2021

A male high school student entered the range of motorcycles

The accident happened on Dec. 2 afternoon, Two Hue Street, Kau Geee District, Hanoi.

One witness said that at the time Hyundai sign number no. 29 The street was spread over the Hong Kong wight. On the intersection with the two-way street, suddenly a collision with a motorcycle in the same direction.

After the collision, the car suddenly lost under control of motion, took on stages, moving towards the hayu and then collided in four cars.

The witness said that after witnessing the car's distance, many people had gone before number 3 and feared fearing to flee.

The bus driver said that the driver of the car was a high school student.

Meanwhile, police group no. The commander of 6 (Hanoi Police) said that this unit had formed a group to protect the site to the workplace and compiled the Ka Giye district party to record the incident.

In the aftermath of the incident, the police came to record this incident and brought small injuries to the health examination.

According to Hong Ann

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