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A proposal to use images provided by the public to punish traffic violations


In the application file for amendment of Order 46/2016, the regulation regulating approval of administrative violations in the field of road and rail traffic is sent to the Ministry of Justice for evaluation and the Transport Ministry considers that the number of traffic was increasing year on year, the traffic traffic regulations were increasing. Violations were common when staff members of the task forces were arrested Had to commute in accordance with the valid requirements, funding and technical devices is still limited and the lack of tools.

Meanwhile, the application of information technology as well as the practical requirements have not been met, with the task of ensuring traffic order and security, controlling administrative violations.

Proposal to use images provided by the public to penalize traffic violations - 1

People record traffic violations (artwork).

Despite recording direct threats to public transit, traffic insecurity, the safety of people and vehicles involved in vehicular traffic, people recorded images of drivers violating. Meaning of sending functional forces.

"Based on the image of the people provided by professional measures, the task forces immediately handled many serious violations, creating frustration in the public opinion, which led to confidence building. The public, strongly condemning the violations, made a serious impact in preventing and minimizing serious violations. "- said the Ministry of Transport.

However, at present, regulation of the use of images provided by individuals and organizations is not specified in the legal documents. Therefore, to mobilize individuals and organizations to seek the responsibility of finding, condemning, and fighting administrative violations, the Ministry of Transport said that it was necessary to supplement the rules regarding internal matters. This stuff.

Heavy fines for drivers who use alcohol

The Ministry of Transport said that a law on alcohol and beer prevention and control will be officially in force from January 1, 2020; Which restricts the control of blood or breath transport with alcohol content.

Moreover, in the past, the situation of traffic accidents was complicated, the drivers of vehicles with a blood alcohol ratio caused many serious traffic accidents; Alcohol administrators are also common in alcohol.

Therefore, in addition to the approval rules for motorbike and car media drivers, it is important to consider and adjust the approval level for drivers who violate alcohol concentration rules. Engaging machines on routes that contain alcohol or blood alcohol but not more than 50 mg / 100 ml of blood or 0.25 mg / 1 liter of breath air.

By analyzing and comparing the performance of each solution, the Ministry of Transport said the best solution was to improve the permit to violate regulations on alcohol content.

Accordingly, the fine level for violating 1 for automobile operators is VND 6-8 million and the maximum penalty for violation of this act is VND 30-40 million.

Adjust violation penalties on the highway

The Ministry of Transport reflects and violates the rules on the expressway, which is a complex, in the event of overturning and parking of vehicles on the highway, there is the possibility of traffic insecurity that increases, and in the event of a traffic accident, criminal treatment must be transferred. This creates an immediate problem in people's opinion. The behavior of motorbikes is more common on the highways; Acts of violating rules on road transport activities such as stopping and receiving passengers; Getting and returning goods on the expressway causes traffic insecurity and is likely.

Data from the Ministry of Statistics and Public Safety also showed that from 2016 onwards, traffic accidents are mainly caused by drivers of traffic rules that violate (95.81% share). ). Therefore, it is necessary to study the sanctions for violating highway rules; Acts and behavior groups are the cause of traffic accidents.

The ministry has proposed adjusting the level of punishment for groups violating highway rules; Groups violating the rules are the cause of traffic accidents.

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