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After receiving 75% of shares, the yinans replace the entire board of que nay port company


Shree Pham Enh Tuan – Deputy General Director of Vietnam Shipping Corporation (Violins) was elected as Chairman of the Board, replacing Mr. Lee Hong Thai.

On June 29, after the transfer of 75.01% of the Qi Nahin Port Joint Stock Company to Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vanillines), the general shareholders of the shareholders were held, in which month VND was transferred with a transfer of 415 billion rupees. 5, according to the direction of the government.

Congress reviewed and approved the resignation of all the 5 former members of the Board of Directors, and 5 new members were elected, including Fame Dang Kao, Guyan Qa Yah, Fan Tan Lin, Liu Kwang Thai and Fam. Mr. Tuan At the same time, he reviewed and approved the supervisory board's resignation report, which consists of 3 members and the new supervisory board is selected.

As a result, Mr. Pham Enh Tuan – was elected as the Chairman of the Deputy General Director Board of Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Voices); Mr. Li Du Quong is the head of the control board.

Vininians Deputy General Director Pham Anh Tuan (from left to second) has held the position of Chairman of Qui Nahon Port Joint Stock Company on June 29. Photo: Van Anh

Vininians Deputy General Director Pham Anh Tuan (from left to second) has held the position of Chairman of Qui Nahon Port Joint Stock Company on June 29. Photo: Van Anh

At this meeting Mr. Lieung Thai also agreed to be removed as General Director and also to fame Taan Lean to be elected General Director for the 5-year term of Sri Thaani.

Speaking after the dismissal, Mr. Le Hong Thai said that his feelings were humble and quiet before receiving achievements. With commitment and dedication, in the efforts of all the port officials and employees in the last 5 years, Qi has initiated development steps in all aspects of Naïn Port.

Earlier, in 2018, Qi Knan Port Joint Stock Company said in a report on business activity that the port's cargo throughput has reached more than 8.3 million tonnes, which is 16% compared to 2017 and above 8% of the previous year. Planning; The total income at 28.3% reached more than 728 billion VND compared to 2017 and reached 115% of the extraordinary plan by the common shareholder meeting.

Profit before tax VD.D. Reached 120 billion, which was 28% compared to 2017 and reached 109.2% of the assigned plan. As per 31/12/2018, the total assets vdd. More than 646 billion, which is more than 72.4 billion compared to the beginning of the year.

In 2013, the Qi Knighthorn Port was converted to a joint venture company, in which Qi was the joint joint joint stock company name, with VND having a charter capital of more than 404 billion. In which the venalines hold more than 75%, the remaining shareholders hold 24.9%. However, after that, the violin's transfer was transferred to the Hope Station Company.

At the end of 2018, the government observer concluded that there were many issues according to the law of equality in the Port of Quebec, so they propose to transfer the Transport Ministry to the Transport Ministry to recover more than 75% shares in Qi Na Port. For Hope Than Company

Thereafter, the Ministry of Transportation withdrew the previous 2 documents, whose contents are not in accordance with the state regulations on the similarity of Qi Nahan port and together with legal process for re-registration of the violin stock and transfer state holdings.

Following the direction of the government, on May 30th, the VenetianLine transferred 415 billion VNDs to acquire 75.01% of the Qi Naan Port. This is the amount that Hop Thanah Company had spent five years ago to buy these shares. Waiting for an independent valuation, after the purchase of QiNa Port, the amount of money spent on investing in projects in the projects could not be solved.

Earlier, implementing the Ministry of Transportation on the policy of transfer of 75.01% of chartered capital to the wireless land, Hop Thanh Company actively implemented the evaluation of the legitimate interests of the Cong. In order to ensure coordination of the company and investors' interests, the company (the increase and decrease in value of the Qi Naan port) in the management phase of the management and port operations.

After making a calculation, Hop Thanh Company has proposed payment value plan 75% more than V.D. while transferring 75.01% of the wireless money from the Valley of NaN Port. In order to receive 75.01% of the chartered capital of 415 billion dollars for the QiN port of the Kyon Port, it is the cost of buying shares of the paid-off hopes for the Wireless, the remaining VND 336 billion is the legal benefit of the company. This company is in the phase of management and operating ports (investment and purchase value, acquisition after explanation, investors' expense …).

According to a report by Qui Nahin Port Joint Stock Company, after the explanation period (2014-2018), the general economic index is highly volatile but high growth rates, revenue and profit are all received. High growth rate Typically, the average income after the settlement period is 552 billion VDD per year. (The previous explanation reached 47% higher than 2010-2013); Average profit before taxes is about 330% (from $ 20.7 billion per year to $ 89 billion); Similarly, there has been a sharp increase in taxation tax after end and 14.1 billion per year (equivalent to 407%).

The Qi Kniwan Port is one of the National Common Ports, the Regional Clusters of the South Central Sea Group (Type 1), which has a system of 20,960 Warehouses, 12,000m2 yards and 48,000m2 container yards at 30, 9 6068m2. The harbor has 624 piers, with a total length of 824 meters, with a normal frequency of up to 30,000 ships of WWW. Cargo throughput in 2015 was 7.5 million tonnes.


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