Monday , July 4 2022

After the defeat of Laos, find the match of the Malaysian team


It will be difficult to beat Malaysia in the last minute. Laos is easy to win against rivals.

The Vietnamese attack team is better than that of the Malaysian team than the team in Laos. But when the two Malaysian and the Vietnamese teams met directly, nature was different.

Malaysia can play a similar attack or attack on Vietnam. Quanta Hai, Kong Fuong, Van Ven is on our side. But the decision to invade the football field alone is determined. That football is a mixture of different skills.

Malaysia was very difficult to beat Laos

Malaysia was very difficult to beat Laos

Also, the match between Vietnam and the team to see the Malaysian team will not push as a team like Mao Lee's team. This is another big difference in the character of each game. In football, it is completely different from losing if you lose.

In addition to Thailand, it's very strong in East Asia, the other teams from the Vietnamese and Indonesian teams will be able to play bad knockout stage. Men in the semi-finals were defeated 7, only twice. On the contrary, Malaysia and Singapore are not quite transparent in the group stages, but they are very effective at the knockout stage.

The stage for kneeling is a point not to succeed, but the first goal and previous defeat will not succeed or win.

The pragmatism, effectiveness and futility of the teams are typically reflected in the knockout stage, as teams that are not as talented as Thailand play the game. The opponent does not mean to play his own against opponents.

... But before the Vietnam team, they will play again

… But before the Vietnam team, they will play again

On November 16, the Vietnam-Malaysia match at the Middlesex stadium will not be in the knockout stage, but that is the reason: Malaysia will miss Hanoi in the first goal.

A few days later, we are witnessing a stadium in Malaysia, quite different from the Malaysian group we met against Laos. Malaysia is leading more attacks than the Laos Front. But if it is going to play in the MI stadium along with the Vietnam team in Malaysia. Malaysia was Malaysia.

In the last two minutes, let's forget the two goals that have won the match by Lava's record. Goals in goals should have a strong human capacity and the same severe fitness platform to do. This will not happen to the Malaysian team, because these factors are the traditional power of our players.

So, in South East Asia, no teams looking at the specialties are unique, the gameplay games have nothing special but they have never seen any achievement. The teams are Singapore and Malaysia!

Trong V

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