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After the mobile world, data has been opened in sony canyon?


Mobile World's revealed customer information is still pending. Hackers continue to say that network hackers continue to retain data that has thousands of supermarket chains and the baby's cone angle. Technical experts warn that corporate data hijacking is on the rise, leading to unpredictable risks.

What causes legacy information?

At the afternoon of November 10, a hacker sent a file sent by RaidForums (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, employer's location, place of work …). 2,272 employees have been authorized to prove that this information is true for downloading the user. Analyzing and verifying the file started by the hacker, the Cyber ​​site's vice president, Enzo Touvan, has made sure that Konkee's data is discarded. But it is not clear how bad boys should be exploited. According to Tuan Anh, employees with personal information can change their password, look at fraud signs to protect strange emails, messages, and saving them. It is necessary to enter enterprise systems and thus detect disabilities and handle them from time to time.

After the mobile world, data has been opened in sony canyon? - Photo 1.

After mobile mobile phones, the hacker hacked this information online, believing that this business is about online. Photo: Chan Trung

Revealing the personal information of the Mobile World Investment JS (em.dablyu.ji) regarding information about customers to use the services of the Information Security Department, the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team – vi'ensi'i'arti M dablyujiyil to help information technology, technology, technology, directly to the Ministry of life Convicted and sent. According to David's Information Safety, no personal information has been reported in connection with personal information. The Department of Information and Resources will continue to review and review and the officials associated with the MWG.

The card director of a large bank is on November 10th after customers are posted online in the mobile world, relevant ministers, card association and many banks. Comprehensive response. Accordingly, the card collects the NH from the list of cardholders dealing with World Mobile and reviews card-risk information. Next, it recommends that the cardholder will call on the card to lock or create a new card.

"If the payment gateway or NHS system hackers are attacked to steal information, one or two of the sales companies may disclose customer information, and millions of cardholders may sell the sales units. However, in Vietnam, when closing the cards, keeping the card number on the service in multiple sales units Employees need a lot, and the information may be slip away. "Card Cardholder comes from here" – Card Specialist International

What is the purpose of Hacker?

In addition, the honey customer's release will be released by posting threatened threats on November 10th. Hacker, others. After announcing the employer's data, the hacker's next article will begin with the hacker and consumer's data. Hacker also claims to own the data of the FPT shop, but only those who "love" to buy this data are sold. Many users are concerned about this information.

According to the security bureau, the purpose of these attacks is to facilitate personal information of hackers of cyberparks, particularly for phishing attacks. Kaspersky Lab has developed in Vietnam Tan, director of engea N Khan said: "The incidence of hackers will be able to target, hackers can steal information about some of the hackers. Vyapakamakkanum users, business asayakkulappattilakkanum or other personal information to business and individuals vilkkunnatinuventiyulla ads pracarippi Kanu, spam, advertising, and reduce the popularity of the opponents. Parasyappetuttanan only has a capacity of hacker hacking ".

IT experts Farm Hung Fook:

Influence in e-commerce

It is still not possible to check the sources of hacker encryption, malfunctions, or theft, but seemingly forced to question data releases. . Was this all right, right?

The World Mobile Company is questioning the competition in a strategic case. Additionally, the concept of intrigue can not be eliminated in creating design for information gathering, networking security and warmth.

Customer's information leakage and electronic payment transactions adversely affect e-commerce, electronic payment, online payments, and attempts to reduce cash payments. Vietnam implemented Businesses run on the network and electronic payments are not secure and they cause discomfort and other consequences. The Vietnamese network network still lacks the slightest ignorance of business networks and users. Since there is no better way of adopting the game, the company and its customers need to strengthen layers of protection.

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