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American grass drive up to 300 kilometers above the Drug drivers, Hanoi to Nge E.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 17:56 pm (GMT + 7)

By observation, Diane Chou Traffic Police Station and a taxi driver in Neah, a taxi driver and a long-distance bus driver for drugs find positive.

Drug drivers, American grass-drive 300km longer than Hanoi to N-1

The test card for the driver Din Ngoc Hieu is positive for drugs

23 January afternoon, the change with the journalists of Naguoi Lao Dong Newspaper, Captain Fam Van Luk – DN Chau Traffic Police Station Deputy Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Director of Traffic Police Department of one province confirmed the above information.

Earlier, on January 22, 16 hours, a team of traffic police led by the traffic police, coordinated with the Mobile Police Force, found the Provincial Public Security Hospital to find the Dehn Ngoc Hieu driver (SN 1988), who lived in Baach Dang Ward, Hai Ba Taung District, Hanoi City is positive for drugs.

At the time of the inspection, the driver was running BKS 30A-152.27 taxi from Highway 1 to Hai Hanoi to Nahn.

Hue, the driver working with the working group, claimed that he first used artificial drugs and American grass. Then, on the morning of January 23, Diane Chou, CSSGT Beek (SN-9981), Anah Sun and Nehhe in a district, and the coaches of IH 29 B.19402, did not travel by the station's inquiry by the station. Hanoi Highway 1 transmits on, which is positive for drugs.

Currently, Diane Chou District Traffic Police Station is ending documents, handles and handles the above drivers according to the law.

Positive for drugs, container drivers are still there

After several hours of investigation, the police found two container drivers entering the Cat Lie Bot Positive for Drugs but they refused.

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