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Asian Cup Football Videos, Australia

Sunday, January 6, 2019, 19:01 PM (GMT + 7)

(Football Video – Football Results, Australia – Jordan, Asian Cup B) Australia's most respected champion Jordan is shocked after the first 45 minutes.

Australia are defending champions Asian Cup And he went on to a match with a team that was more admirable because there were many players wearing European clubs. Jordan is not considered a good opponent and Australia's victory is easy to predict.

Asian Cup Football Video, Australia - Jordan: King Sudden (H1) - 1

Wondering when Jordan made a lead in the first half of the Australian champions

Although Jordan entered the match with a strong defensive strategy and paved the way for Australia to keep control, Australia had to face many matches. In 12 minutes, the first opportunity was seen when the best player of the Asian Cup 2015 was robbed in the middle of the Majimo Lungango field and Jordan quickly proceeded to hit Matt Ryan before a long shot of Yusuf Rahezade.

Australia continued to attack but their angles were easily broken by Jordan. In the 26th minute, Jordan got the first corner of the match and immediately took advantage of it, the ball fell on the status of defender Anas Bani Yasen on the edge of the box for 5m50 and who was at the left side of the goal. Matt Ryan is still standing.

After 3 minutes, Ryan did not force a free kick in Baba Abdel-Rahman's crossbar, it was almost 2-0. After a surprise moment, the opponent champion responded and continued to attack, but in the 44th minute, the penalty was rejected when the referee ignored the ball to touch the defender Ferrous Zayed Shilbaya in the Jordanian Penalty area. .

First half: Australia 0 – 1 Jordan.

Score goals: Yasan 26 & # 39;

Starting line:

Australia: Matthew Ryan, Milos Djeneck, Mark Milligan, Massimo Luongo, Jamie McLaren, Robbie Cruz, Aziz Behouch, Trent Sensbury, Ever Mabel, Tom Roczek.

Jordan: Araf Shafi, Feros Zayed Shilbaya, Taraq Khattab, Baha Abdelahman, Syed Almurjan, Yusuf Raasheed, Yasin Mahomod Bakhett, Khalil Baratatah, Musa Mohammed Sultan, Anas Bani Yasan, Salem Alajalin.

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