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Asian Cup, Japan – Saudi Arabia: Vietnam (Hap 1) – Light of light touching tickets to meet 24h football

Monday, 21 January, 2019 18:57 PM (GMT + 7)

(Video, Japanese football results – Saudi Arabia, Round 1/8 Asian Cup) In the 2019 Asian Cup match, the "final match" was extremely exciting and dramatic.

Immediately after the initial whistle, Saudi Arabia forwarded the composition with the intention of "salvation". Japan. The attack of West Asia's representatives is speed, strength but there is a lack of intensity to defeat well organized unions, certainly on the "Green Samurai" side.

Asian Cup, Japan - Saudi Arabia: Light of the lights touching tickets to meet Vietnam (1st half) - 1

Tommysu (blue shirt) helps Japan move forward

In the meantime, Japan played slowly, lost ball control rates, and did not create many aggressive conditions, causing the violence to be starkly gratifying to the effectiveness of stars like Saudi Arabia Minami. , Ritsu Dawn, the attack on the blow.

As a result, in the 20th minute, with the penalty of a corner, midfielder Tachihiro Tommasas got up and hit a dangerous header, Saudi Arabia's goalkeeper just stood up and saw the ball in the net.

The first half ended, the space score was 1-0 in favor of "Green Samurai".

First Half Ratio: Saudi Arabia 1-0 to Japan

Score goals: Takehiro Tommasau 20 & # 39;

Starting line:

Japan: Shuchi Gonda; Uto Nagatamo; Takhero Tommasau; Hiroki Sakai; Maya Yoshida; Vaturo Ando; Gaku Shibasaki; Ginky Hiraguchi; Permanent minima; Ritsu Don; Yoshiinori Muto.

Saudi Arabia: Mohammed Al Owis; Mohammed Al-Burayak; Ali Hadi albalulhi; Yasser Ashwani; Mohammed Al-Fatil; Salem El Dosari; Hattan Bahri; Abdullah Otaif; Hussein Almokahvi; Abdulaziz al-Bishi; Fahad al Mulwald

Direct Asian Cup, Japan - Saudi Arabia: Dimming Speed

The opening opener goal helps Japan to compete with excitement and to push Saudi Arabia.

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