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Associate Professor Bui Hin announces the software in Vietnam


Sunday, 18/11/2018 20:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Train fan van Vinh and 91 other vendors; Vietnam's improved software announced by Buchi Hien is the most striking data of the last week.

Judge Fan Van Win, 91 other copies

Hot Week: Asus Prof. Buiheen announces the software that improves

The Fan Van Vin Court in the custody.

On the morning of November 11, the People's Court trials case began in Tu-Tap province. The total number of accused was 92.

Fan Van Win (SN 1955, former Lieutenant General, General Director of Police Department), Nguyen Tan Ho (former Major General and Director of High-Tech Crime Department). pay attention

He is the Chairman of the High Tech Security Development Company (CNC), Fan Saam (former Chairman of VTC Online 1979) and Chairman Nguyen Van Duong.

At the afternoon of November 12, Peoples Procurement Representative in the Pho-Thap Province declared KES's accusation. According to the prosecutor's charge, the Fan van Vinn violates the investigation agency's investigation agency and chaired by Nguyen van Duong (chairman of the CNC Board) and collaborates with online gambling.

Fan Van Win gave a bottle of liver medicine. However, he will not accept Dogg's proof of giving $ 27 billion to $ 1,750,000.

Associate Professor Bui Hin announces the software in Vietnam

Heat of the Week: Associate Professor Boo Hinne Announces Improved Software in Vietnam - 2

Associate Professor Bui Hin announces the software in Vietnam

Since becoming a "voice voice" recently, Associate Professor Büie Hen continues to make changes to the national language from Vietnam. This software is built by associate professor Bui Hien's granddaughter, Bui Tian.

A few simple tasks can change the text of any text into the "Modified" language in the current Vietnam.

Associate Professor Bui Hein is an expert in 40 years of research. He argues that the revised national anthropology is his personal research. But it gives many benefits to society.

The police officer also wanted to remove the map and remove the place.

Hot Asjok: Proof Bui Huin Announces Improved Software in Vietnam - 3

Image of landlord police.

Last week, a Clip Recording police scene in social networking would be the owner of street protection, for the protection and destruction of a home fence. On the captain's head of the climax, a man wearing a policeman uniform said, "I want to go, choose a place."

The incident happened in the Thane Phu Ward (District 9, HCMC). Accordingly, the policemen, the protection of the people on the street and the landlord's response.

The People's Committee and Police Tan Foo wards were sent to five members of the family for the removal of the fence. The group swore here.

Former CEO, along with Deputy General Director of Women's Mob

Weekly Heat: Associate Professor BooVi Announces Improved Software in Vietnam - 4

Two copies: Kao Do Hi (left), Farm to Phong Ann (right)

On November 12, 1818, the Police Investigation Agency of the Department of Public Security filed cases against the accused. The accused wanted to arrest them. The court ordered to arrest the culprits. MobiFone MobiFone's MobiFone Group member and Pham Thi Phuong Anh (Deputy General of MobiFone MobiFone) is a "violation of capital management and restrictions." According to Penal Code 2015 "serious consequences"

On November 13, the Supreme People's Prosecution approved these decisions and decisions. Now the C3 investigation is focused on speeding up and dealing with criminals and close relatives in accordance with the law.

The fans celebrated the "storm" road ahead of the Vietnam team

Weekly Heat: Associate Professor Boo Hin Announces Improved Software in Vietnam - 5

Storm fans celebrate the victory of the Vietnam team.

In the 90 minutes, the Vietnam team won 2-0 against Malaysia. Following the competition, thousands of fans across the country have been enthralled.

Many fans called Hanoi the "Vietnam Champion" city. Thousands of worshipers came to the forest to celebrate Vietnam's victory, and many roads were let off. It turns out that many enthusiastic fans are burning.

In the HighCity City, thousands of fans are big LEDs. Enigion Hugh Pedestrian Street (district 1) concentrated on watching the game through screens. However, this experience was not completed because the signal had been played on several occasions, and stayed in the critical position of the game.

Twelve people were killed when their bodies collapsed on the NAG trace following heavy rains

Hot Week: Asus Prof. Buiheen announces the software that improves

Heavy rain falls in the Nag Trang

Heavy rains in Khanhou province have been damaged by a steep 8 degrees Celsius. Trunk on the sea 18-11. In highway 1, there was a severe flood in Cam Ran City.

According to Nguyen Sy Khan, vice-chairman of the Nag Trang People People Committee, 10 people were killed and two were injured in landslides.

Nagyan van Dan – Director of the Department of Transport of the Khanhah, most of the city's roads. The Nag Trong is collapsing locally. Besides, Miyinte Tat was in front of the Road Mia Resort. In front of the Polit Bureau School, flooding at the same time is impossible. Also, TP Highway highway 1. Cum Ranhahat is very deep in water.

In this context, local authorities were asked to send preventive calls to the office of the Office of Prevention, Search and Rescue Coordination of Khan Hawa Disaster, Cities, Districts, Districts and Cities. The flood is a storm.

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"On November 8, 2017, he wrote a complaint that he had committed the offense … Do you have that idea?"

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