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At night, CSGT checked with truck driver


On November 18, senior commander Vo Van Chin, Head of Public Security Police Department of Binh Dinh Province, Vo Van Chin, co-ordinated this unit with the Ishwara provincial police department, used the term "37C-041.77" to refer to case vehicles for the police and the truck dealings.

Within 10 minutes, the CSGT Binh Dinh truck driver encounters a nighttime traffic driver (photos from network clippings).

Within 10 minutes, the CSGT Binh Dinh truck driver encounters a nighttime traffic driver (photos from network clippings).

"At present, 2 CGGs in Tu Fuk Police Station have been asked to hand over the report in this case, but it is not wrong to handle the matter, but nothing can be concealed," said the senior chin. Rules.

On November 17th, the clip stripped 10 minutes before Binh Dinh provin's petrol car's "south" south of the South, because the clip was "broken".

The truck driver said that the car was in the car. Soon after the car segment, the car was disappearing and hiding the face of the batsman.

The truck was hit by a traffic accident.

The truck was hit by a traffic accident.

A traffic police officer came out of the patrol car. The driver asked me to get a job, but the driver did not immediately leave.

The image in this picture shows a person on the truck's CSGT truck. Young man and CGT hat started selling the widget. There was another police station at this time. Some people jumped out of the truck and called "people beaten by police".

And then, the CRG The car was fighting in the car. The truck man ran out to meet the board … However, the traffic police car went to the machine. Cheating car …

Police officers of the Public Security Department at Bin Buoq Police Station (Bin Dinho Province) have identified two traffic police officers in the above-mentioned clause. However, the content of the content in this clip is not pre-requiring fact.

According to the TU Fuck Traffic Police Station on 7 November, according to the Police Traffic Police, the TU Fuck Traffic Station (Fuke Lok Commune, Tu Fukkok District, Bin Dinh's Headquarters), truck 37C-4141.77 If the buffalo is in the hands of buffalo, then the cow should be asked to stop the stitch test, But the driver does not run away. At this time, CSTIG TEU Fuck Station Heads reported about the petrol group on the road. The petrol engine is on the North-West National Highway 1 road. To check this car, 50 km from the station headquarters are locked in Phoo Mai District of My Heep Commune.

From November 8 to November 30, the driver tried to inspect the CMSU Traffic Traffic violation on National Highway 1 in the Pho Mi District area, but the driver was still disobedient. The car ran away.

"Two CGT Lieutenant Colonel Tran Ching Dung and Captain Lenin Tan have been driving in the car for 4 km.Bin Dinf ccgt covers that drivers do not want to work, but do not work, and police station officer Tu Fuk He said.

People fight together on trucks and motorcycles.

People fight together on trucks and motorcycles.

Captain Captain pulled down the turn of the car while traveling in a tan car and jumped down to CSGT near the tank.

Immediately, Captain Jin pursued this guy and then fought both sides.

The representative of the Tu Foq People's Police said that the group had attacked the bleeding head because he did not get in the car tan Patrol car.

After uploading the clip on social network, the police had asked the police division to report special cases relating to the next level.

Justice The details of the event will continue.

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