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Blues Half Time, half time


Chelsea should avoid the bat 0-1 striker Olivier Gervud. This season the Frenchman returned and Chelsea won the Europa League in all competitions and lost 17th.

1. Chelsea is subjective

Chelsea won the match after a 1-0 win at Bait Borisov. They won four league matches in the European League and have been officially successful in the qualifying round. Chelsea has the importance of being convinced after coach Mourisio admitted to Surrey after the game.

This clearly shows in the first minute of the match. There are many simple and transparent transactions in Chelsea. It's a bad passion, because no one wants to face European 2-way matches, especially if the door is open.

Batting 0-1 half of the Chelsea province, half in the picture
Before BATE, 1-0 won

In fact, the Chelsea bat is much better, and their members are thinking more about the Premier League this weekend. The three main pillars were coach saris, keppa, aden hustard and jorgignho.

Batsman Chelsea is a difference between the two teams. It also includes superficiality of Chelsea players. If Zakhar Volkov's extra time was struggling to strike wood, BATE retained a point at home.

The result was not, but Chelsea's soul in Belarus had been a problem last night.

Chelsea leads before BATE

Batty 0-1 is the neglect of Chelsea visitors

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2. Giridz won again

Olympic Gaurod won the World Cup. It's a strange thing for a striker. Most of them are in front of the opposing team. In the club, the same thing happens.

In a row from 14 matches he beat Liverpool by a 1-0 win in the Premier League in May. It was a long day with the French striker. He was critical of him.

He needed a lot of conversations
Goud 14 games without scoring were completed

Nevertheless, Gironde celebrated BATE at last. As far as Liverpool is, this is the only tour wind to win a 1-0 victory over Chelsea. Garghud struck an estimated 793 goals in each game.

In general, BATE is not a high dose drug, but it has a lot to do with mental health. Europa League and Younis are his teammate, Alvaro Morata, with four goals in five goals. As expected by Chelsea fans expect Gitan's hope. does Chelsea say after cutting the Girdue strings?
After Betty Borisov, who scored at least the score, Salrik Olivier Girirus hung his thirst.

3. Loftus-poik needs more effort

The speculators have been speculating for the past two weeks after having to go to Rubeen Loftus-Chelsee Chelsea or to earn a hat-trick against BATE at Stamford Bridge in Barton. Belarus spokeswoman replied last night why the 22-year-old midfielder did not use coach saree.

Loftus-Check is still a young player. The psychological competition is a big problem. With the enthusiasm in court, he became a subsidiary. But the protest to the Belarus referendum was long and cold.

Chelsea vs Loftus-Kiki Bette
Loftus-Cheek was no better at BATE

Instead of Loftus-Chek replaced 64 minutes. Everyone knows that this weekend born in 1996 was used by Premier League against Everton. In addition, the bats start to bite before bad play.

Lifetus-Kilk may need a new terminal to be more useful in the future. But if we want to stay on the Chelsea team, they should be more consistent. over Chelsea's opinion on public opinion
Whether the young Ruben Loftus-cut midfielder was under Mouruzo Sarry or not whether previous players were questioned or not?

4. The danger sari becomes happy

Just after Edison Hazard injured injuries a few weeks ago, Crystal Palace scored 3-1 at the end of the second half of the weekend. That's why coach sari was taken to Belarus bet on to the team.

The Italian teacher's goal is to get the audience desperate to find the best of the series after the series. Salty will be satisfied with the batting score of 0-1 Chelsea 10.

Gareth Bali is against Chelsea
Hunger gradually found its peak

In the 62-minute match of the game, the hat-tracing bid is always in danger. He grabbed the attention of the opponent and made 7 steps through the person and opened large gaps to the surrounding satellites. The Belgian players made two chances for the team, but failed to score.

Beyond the expectations of the trainer Sari. Chelsea's captain is expected to be the No.1 star of the team to have the most number of matches in the future.

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