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By entering a warm house with boys, the woman "loses both lead and fishing"

Sunday, 06/01/2016 21:00 PM (GMT + 7)

In the case of Chow-wu-Kunung, the newest progress made the girl's garlic in her mouth; By entering a warm house with boys, the woman loses "both lead and fishing" … the most notable news of the week.

In the case of Chow-wu-Kunung, the newest progress made the girl's garlic in her mouth

On the charges of "Murder" on the accusation of Hanoi's people, Gueyen Veit Qunong (SN, 1978, ie Chau Wit Qung singer, Kaim Fa, who lives in Quang Ninh) has completed the complaint of prosecution; The Fame Duck The Complaint (born in 1981, living in Yan Khan, Nineh Behh), "had illegal drugs".

Warm in the week: go to a warm home with a boy, woman

Using stone medicines leading to movements, singer Chou Wit Qoong gave death to a girl in the same group

On March 4, 2018 to 10:30 on March 4, 2018, according to the charges, Chow Wyatt Qung and NK came home to renting an apartment in singer Kong V (Ba Dih, Hanoi).

At this time, NK Invited you to become ĐP.A. to come and play. After that p. a. M Tran invited my home to Huyen (SN 1998, Chong My, Hanoi) to the house.

Here, the group uses artificial drugs.

Until March 5, 2018, Kuong and Ms. Huyen laughed and bowed and bowed to each other. Qoeng thought that Ms. Huain was captured by ghosts, so he ran towards the courtyard, made the top of the garlic and brought it to his side. After that, Kyong ate the garlic himself and filled the unwanted garlic in the mouth of Huan.

When Huynh lay down on the throne, Kuong continues to sit at the site of 33 branches and garlic to sit in his stomach, which dies from sufferer mechanical esophagia due to complete obstruction of the respiratory tract.

By entering a warm house with a boy, the woman lost "both lead and fishing"

Police investigative agency, Police Long Bien District (Hanoi) Guyan Nih Mind (26-year-old Chim Hoa, living in Tuyen Quang) are investigating the case of theft of property. The victim is a girl who hangs the love of the mind.

Hot in the week: By entering a hot home with a boy, a woman

Subject Guyan no mind

Earlier, Long Bien District police received a report from Facebook, a young girl named Huyen (named), in early September 2018, as she was called a young man "Ana Guggenhat". This person introduced his name as a non-stop.

After the emotional situation, on 10th September, Ms. Huen and "Nath Anh" have been appointed to hang out and to go to "Biggest" a motel in Long Binh.

The next morning, Huyen woke up and did not see "Nahat Ah". Its wallet includes 2 iPhone and 20 million V.D. Also disappeared.

On 12/26, the police of Long Bean District made it clear that suspect Guggun Nuh was respected and collected to make the audience interesting. The name Nahhe is just fake, which is believed to be familiar with Man Huyen.

To make a good cover for yourself on your personal Facebook page, Mana uses a police representative's representative image and police help.

In the case of Long Bean Market, get "Ticon"

The Criminal Police Department (PC2), Hanoi Police has decided to prosecute the accused, so that Guyan Kim Hung (ie Hang Kih, SN 1963, Honkim District, hanoi) is kept in detention . Investigations and clarifications on the duty of property; And Guyan Hue Tian (49-year-old, living in Hai Ba Trung District). TN's role is to help "respect" the criminal proceedings.

Warm in the week: go to a warm home with a boy, woman

"Boss" Nguyen Kim Hung

Earlier, on December 5, 2018, the propriety of the people of Hanoni approved the decision to prosecute the accused, and the arrest warrant was granted to three accused: Dooong Kwok Wong (50 years old, i.e., Wong "Pig"). Le Than Hai (55 years old, Hai "Gio") on the law of Mug Long (56 years, Long "Kao") and "Thace Property"

At the time of the investigation agency, Long Bin is explaining the case of collecting security money in the market, Reporter Guiyen Thien (working on Vietnamese televisions – working on VTV) is one of the series's authors. In the Long Bian Market, the "Security" report threatened family life with anonymous messages. In addition, journalist Thu Trang (working in Ho Chi Minh City Women's newspaper) also got a message with similar content.

In the boys inn, many days die, the parents are near the unknown

Hot in the week: By entering a hot home with a boy, a woman

Police 12, were present to record incident in Ho Chi Min City district

On the morning of the 4th of January, many people on the road (Hep Thanh Ward, District 12 had received a bad odor from the room, so check out) because the door of the room was locked, so everyone informed him. The inn is after him.

After that, the landlord broke the door with some people, and then found out that Mr. T. (28 years) died in a hangman's posture, it was disintegrated.

Brother decides to become the Creator's son. However, he did not live with his family but went to a room near his family to stay. 3 days ago, Mr. A. For a while, 3 cups of coffee came to the café near the house to drink. The person then bought another cup of coffee to bring him back to the room to drink, and on January 4, the incident was discovered.

Mr. A from the police. The cause of death has been made clear.

Often "rain clouds" in the motel, old woman teacher was blackmailed with hot clips


The police of Minh Hoa District (Kwang Binh) were assured of arresting Hong Min Tem (SN 1988, Tuan Hoa, Quang Bai), using the sex clips to clarify the behavior of blackmailing the female teacher of the area. The recovery of money is 55 million Vand.

The sufferer, Mrs. C.T.N.

According to preliminary data, on December 29, in a cafe in Q Dat Nagar (Min Hoa district), the District Police Police Police arrested Hong Minh Tempe while the subject threatened him. Anne teacher to take out the money

At the police office, she initially admitted that between two people who developed male and female feelings.

For the second time in the motel "rain clouds", Tam used the phone to keep "memories". Recently, due to the money spent hanging out, she used sex clips, which threatened the spirit, forcing her to give 55 million dosas to her, otherwise she would place sex clips on social networks.

Fear of the event that was discovered by his family, Ms. Ann. Forced to follow Teme's words.

Police arrested the police while being in the coffee shop.

Hot during the week: Young

Ta fire the young men brought dead bodies to the streets; Holds the bank's vice director with the teacher who is "decisive" in "Ghost Party" …

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