Friday , May 7 2021

By transferring from Thailand to Fire Football's house, Han Nie has sparked even more, while Vietnam won the Philippines 2-1.

The Miss Universe in Han Thailand is starting the days of war in 2018. Although the schedule is very tight, beautiful people always go home. As evidenced by World AIDS Day yesterday, Han Nin has made the competitors dynamic to wear red ribbon on their hands to give feedback to Vietnam and the world. In today's match, the AFF Cup will get Vietnam to the Philippines, Han Nin has also kept the national flag in Thailand, sending greetings to the players of the country. As a result, Vietnam won 2-1. Thus, with this principle, Hain has more motivation to work hard during the days leading up to the international war.

In the last few days, Han Nate quickly coordinates and maintains good relationships with many competitors. The beauty of Vietnam's beauty is highly appreciated by beauty experts and is estimated to be in the top 10 World Miss Universe 2018 final.

Han is not happy with the spirit of the Vietnamese team at ANF Cup. As a result, the home team won 2-1.

Miss Universe Lost 2018, Do not Forget To Turn Into The Football Country Through This Action? Photo 2

Beautiful red dress today is shown on the schedule.

Han is close to the competitors.

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