Sunday , January 24 2021

Caught in Texas for the use of a drug, the Vietnamese kidnapped the police house to arrest 3 more of them hidden in bed

Recently, Hinchu City Police, Taiwan saw a Vietnamese person wandering on the road in the middle of the night and found his strange expression. After the investigation, find out who is using addictive substances and do not introduce them.

The man said that he was in the wrong and he had asked for permission to return journalists to the hostel. However, at the place of this object, the police Notice that this person was not opening the door and deliberately "time". So the police went inside to go inside and found a room which was very suspicious. Until the Gugguun man spoke, he did not open the person inside the room.

After the investigation, despite the man opening a visa to Taiwan, the police saw another dubious bed in the room. When the bed cushions lifted up Suspicious to work in Taiwan illegally, below 3 other topics have been found.

Taiwan has been arrested for using drugs, the Vietnamese has taken home for arresting 3 more people hiding beneath the bed - Photo 1
Taiwan arrested for drug use, Vietnamese youth took home to arrest three more friends hiding under the bed - Photo 2

The people of Vietnam were suspected of going illegally to Taiwan

According to the police investigation, these people had two people who were migrant laborers in Vietnam, leaving behind to work illegally in Taiwan, the person who wanted to be (the purpose of the tourist case can be) for Taiwan Not long ago) and others were released by the sea in Taiwan. All of these have now been arrested and accused of drug offenses and immigration violations.

Taiwan arrests for use of drug in Taiwan, Vietnam police took home for arresting 3 more friends hidden under the bed - photo 3

A device believed to be used in the use of addictive substances is also found within this subject

(According to Udn, Yahoo)

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