Thursday , July 29 2021

Chelsea is in shape after losing to Tottenham

Chelsea is in shape after losing to Tottenham

Chelsea medieval when losing Jorginho

It is not difficult to see when Chelsea was locked in the "Surrey-Ball" drama, when Jorgininho was locked. In fact, this is somewhat expressed in the previous round. At the time, Italian racers Richardson and Cigarden had repeatedly harassed that he did not do Everton more than 0-0 in the Chelsea match.

Tottenham coach Mauricio Pocchetti has seen the match very carefully and has decided to learn the route of his fellow Marco Silva. Last night the evidence was found that he was sent to Dale Alley in an effort to force George to break the rock.

This policy has encouraged more effectiveness than expected. Alley scored a goal for a brighter day and totem with one goal, Jorgininho was Chelsea's most disappointing midfielder.

The evidence is that the whole match touches the ball just 58 times (among the active players in midfield). The player must get a back card by pulling an alley shirt and the Hong-min son should sue for the third goal of Tottenham.

From the spot where he regularly gets the ball down and shares it at a higher level, Jorginho suddenly becomes a different chain with the team. The broken pool, called Jorgenego, was broken by Tottenham, another important Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, is also a hungry leg and as a result he has reduced the risk considerably.

Coach Sarrey is correct, Chelsea is not a UFC champion

It was Sarree, who believed that his team was not in the same league as top-level candidates like Man City and Liverpool. Indeed, depending on what has happened in the last match, the coaches can confirm that they are good at sharing.

In addition to the former coach Napoli's mentality, Chelsea also announced other weaknesses than Tottenham. In particular, the center-behind David Luiz is more cautious and charges Chelsea's two goals. Meanwhile, midfielder No Gollo Kent was upset to give more crime than the right wing.

As part of it, Eden Hazard Winger indicated signs of slowing down after the initial boom. Unbearable in defense of Tottenham, the Belgian star has used nine consecutive games "fog" in each game.

Although losing the game in the English Premier League from the start of the season, But Thatenham was enough for Chelsea to get third place on the table. Now, their fourth position is also threatened by Arsenal because the gunners are only four points behind the blues (28 vs. 24) but still have to play in hand.

Chelsea are not easy to win without league, while showing signs of strength and stability with both Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal. Georgina started to become a rival to take the card with much reliance, not to be a simple task for teacher teacher Surrey to win a place in the top four BXHs.

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