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Chew: Ronaldo shoots, super-solo 24-hour football clearance

Tuesday, 22 January, 2019 04:42 AM (GMT +7)

(Football Video – Football, Juventus Results – Chew, Serie 20 Round)

Chevo Serie is standing from the table, Juventus is not a competitor, although initially he has very active attacks. After 13 minutes, Yew took lead, Douglas Costa took a very powerful solo breakthrough before defeating long shot.

Juventus - Chew: Ronaldo Bomberd, Super solo solo clearance - 1

After joining Emre, Juventus can celebrate his first target in the shirt

Juventus did not stop his aggressive pace, prompting Serrentina goalkeeper to block Bernardesky's chance, but at the end of the first six months after the pass of Diabla, goalkeeper Emer Kane could not do more than the fall. 52 minutes, off the ball after Douglas Costa touched Matia Bani, but Juventus lost the penalty by blocking Ronaldo's shot.

Later missed many opportunities, many of which are Ronaldo strikes, in which Juventus scored midfielder Daniel Rugni in the 84th minute after scoring a free kick and scored 3-0. Bernardesian's After 20 rounds, the win went on to more than 9 points from Napoli.

Score match: Juventus 3 – 0 Chew (1: 2-0 half)

Score goalsCosta 13 & # 39; Ken 45 & # 39; Rugny 84 & # 39;

Starting the Line:

Juventus: Matia Perin; Matia de Skiglio, Daniel Rugnie, Giorgio Chileini, Alex Sandro; Federico Bernardcci, Ammer Kane, Blaise Matuiti, Douglas Costa; Paula Dabla, Cristiano Ronaldo

Chewa: Stefano Sorrentino; Fabio Depałali, Nenad Tomovich, Luca Rosetti, Matia Bani; Perpreim Hetmage, Ivan Radovanovic, Sofian Ciine; Emanuel Giacerini; Sergio Palacier, Ricardo Maggiorei.

Juventus Team Chew
26 (10) End point (hit target) 9 (3)
62% Control the ball 38%
12 Corner Penalty 5
1 Vietnamese 1
10 Error 7
1 Yellow card 2
0 Red card 0
3 Save lost 8
Details Juventus - Chew: Rugni Winner Key (KT)

Rugni helped Juventus win 3 goals against Cheva.

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