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CNC is the secretary of the general police department, who knows everyone

In the November 30 verdict, when former lawyer Fun Van Vih, the former head of the Crime Prevention Division using High Tech (C50) Guyan Than Hoa and 90 defendants. Fu Tho Province has recommended a method to select and closely manage the activities of professional companies to avoid taking advantage of this benefit to violate the law of public safety.

The proposal is the fact that the accused group Guayan van Duong (former CNC chairman), Fan Sao (former president of Vatc Online), took advantage of the company to bring an online gambling line to the screen. Trillion turnover

The first Judgment, Yang plays the most important role, the mastermind, is leading. In the inquiry process, Fan Sao has adopted a large value of co-operation with Duong, as CNC has the company's C 50 front cover.

During the operation of the sentence, as well as a 13-day trial in Fu Tho Provincial People's Court, CNC emerged as a "trump card", which defined the existence of this criminal organization. It is due to the "icon" of the professional company that the former General Director of Police Phone Van Vinh and the former CIA chief pretended to stop many agencies investigating the CNC violation.

Former CNC Chairman Guain Van Dooong Picture: Giang Hu

Former CNC Chairman Guain Van Dooong Picture: Giang Hu

Since 2010, this commercial unit was formed by the decision of the Public Security Ministry, when it allowed C-50 to establish a screening company for the purpose of high-tech crime intensity and research. By the end of 2011, by introducing the leader of the Public Security Ministry, Duong founded the CNC Company. Duong signed the C 50 Guain Thanh Hoa Memorandum, which represented 20% representative of the CNC's Department.

On the trial, the person who signed the decision to recognize CNC is a C50 company, the former Director General of Police General Fan Van Vinh said that the professional business of the police should always be confidential, not to announce. Apart from the special general director, only two people know about this company: Director C50, Police General of Police General C50.

But the opposite is true. Defendants, decades of Witnesses' testimony show that Duong is always preaching "the front door of secrecy". It is a strong support for men and many "peace of mind"

Former CNC The chairman struggles with former C 50 director Guyieen Thanh Hoa. Picture: Fam Duan.

Former CNC The chairman struggles with former C 50 director Guyieen Thanh Hoa. Picture: Fam Duan.

Against the court, many defendants are first-class merchants, who announced the game's Hang Tha Trung, that CNC is the next company of the C50. So 25 first-class agents guarantee their "centipede foot" that the peace of mind works because there is "big power against the back".

Payment Center – CNC Pham Tuan Enh, former head of the company's technical operations, helps Duong create and operate a Paget 247 payment gateway for online gambling, also known as the CNC screen. To get employment through information from many people. Tuan Enhah was later confirmed by Yang and asked to keep secret.

In the court, many police officials from other units have asserted that CNC has been a professional company for a long time because this information was broadcasted as a "wealthman".

Company secret but publicly presented

One of the trial witnesses, former head of Unit 4C50, Guayen Thi Hang, said in late 2011 that the CNC The screening company was led by the C50 leaders to launch a luxury hotel in Hanoi. . That day, Sue. Hang reminded many of the leaders of the department, there is the first company in the sea-logging ceremony.

Not just openly installed, CNC is also located in the General Administration of Police's house – no. 10 Ho Chi Min, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Former General Director of Police phone Van Veah has been questioned by the court several times. Cd And C.N.C. Seeing that a small house can be rented while offering to rent, the defendant said that it is a fair solution to accept.

Any CNC examines

Before the chairman's question, why do there are many agencies to process the check while planning the game? Fan did not know the reason for São, but every time, he told Yang, "I'll work with them and work with them."

Fan sao name Picture: Giang Hu

Fan sao name Picture: Giang Hu

Meanwhile Duong said "anyone interferes". Against the chairman of Duong's testimony to the investigating agency calling the former General Guyan, the defendant said: "Maybe do not remember for a long time, but the fact that I proclaim is true."

Duong's testimony shows that when he examined "Tips" VATC Online, the former CD of CD 50 said, "Let me call" and then VATC online has not been tested anymore.

Defendant Fan Sao (Former Chairman of VTC Online), Hoang Thanh Trung (Former Director of Name Vit, running away), Guain Van Doong (former president of the company's police-CNC). Attach online gambling casinos through the game portal, compile, run: Reekewep / Tipclub, 23 zodiac, zone / pen …

Operations for 27 months, cable attracts approximately 43 million players in 24 cities and provinces. Net income of approximately 10,000 billion

Due to this line, former General Director of Police Fan Van Vahh was fined for 9 years, former director of crime prevention, C50 Guine Than Ho, has been accused of high penalty for 10 years. Abuse of the status of power while performing duty.

Guine Van Duong, the name of the Fan Sao should be sentenced to 10, 5 years in prison on two counts Gambling arrangement, money laundering. The remaining defendants received the lowest penalty of VND40 million, most of which were sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison: Money laundering, illegal trade of bill, organization gambling, gambling, internet access to the wealth eligibility

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