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Coach Pap Guardiola gave a speech about the city match schedule

Man City has passed a series of near and difficult matches. However, coach Pap Guardiola did not show resignation to the responsible men on the Man City match schedule.

Man City is in a difficult position

Passed December and left many sad for the members of Manchester City. In the UK, they created reels in thick Christmas and early New Year series series. Despite the depth of honorable force, Man City still has not been able to avoid strikes.

In addition to injuries, the Etihad Stadium team is tired out every time the remaining. That's why the City played four matches in the Premier League and lingered behind Liverpool. Despite losing the top team 2-1 in the match in 2019, the gap between the two teams remained 4 points.

Coach Pap Guardiola talked about Man City's picture schedule

Coach Pap Guardiola gave a speech about the city match schedule

Guardiola is not worried

After the important victory over Liverpool, coach Pap Guardiola also praised the students for giving thanks to fans at Etihad. He assured that "the fans are close to us since I came here."

A series of matches will continue when Man City will meet Rotherham United in the FA Cup third round and match with the Burton Albion in the League Cup semi-final. Despite sowing on 4 different fronts, Guardiola has not admitted to feeling uncomfortable.

The Spanish coach adds, "If possible, I want to have a 2 month vacation." "This time is really hard but it is an undeniable fact. We want to be the top clubs and can not refuse any match, any tournament."

"I do not know how we will finish in the Premier League, but I am satisfied with that. We had enough team to come back with D. Bruni and Goodogan. There will be a turn for everyone on the yard, there is no other way."

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