Thursday , January 21 2021

Court vouhees aluminum & # 39; They accused the spiritual persecution of

On December 20, the People's Court of Ho Chi Minh City was found guilty of 26 lawsuits, resulting in the loss of at V. D. D. in the Danga Bank (DAB). There was a loss of more than 3.6 trillion.

According to the panel, through open trial on trial, case files, evidence in the case … Most defendants convincingly guilty, please reduce the penalty. The defendant Fan Van Anh Woo (Chairman of North-South Construction Joint Stock Company & # 39; Aluminum & # 39) complained in the investigation process.

Court condemns Woo aluminum terrorism - Photo 1

20/12 defendants in court Photo by Van Min

On the recommendation of the lawyers of the lawyer Guyan Hw, the defendant, on behalf of lawyers, to limit the rights of lawyers and defendants, the & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; The lawyer, HDEx, said the court was discussing publicly. And return to the discussion twice. Specifically, wool & # 39; aluminum & # 39; The content of the accused, the representation of the defendant was introduced. The panel acknowledges that these topics are presented in discussion and overlap.

Court condemns Woo aluminum terrorism - Photo 2

On December 20, the defendant Woo 'aluminum' in court hearing. Photo by Van Min

Woo aluminum denounces psychological terrorism about content, is insulted in the investigation process, there is procedural violation … Panel has found that during the investigation, two defendants, Tran Fuong Behn and Guayne Duck Weihh (DAB's former head of the Treasury Department) investigators and lawyers alike Although confirmed but the accused wool & # 39; aluminum & # 39; There was no insult to terrorism. The defendants' statements on the investigation body are true of the defendants; The investigators will review the defendants' conflicts and minutes of witnesses.

In court, the WoW & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; He filed an application in many places, the panel found that the review shows that the application sent to the dispute is pending, the wrong authority has been submitted …

Earlier, during the interrogation, the defendant's & # 39; aluminum & # 39; A small petitions. At the same time, condemn the terrorist sentiment, violation of the proceedings.

To pay for this share, 220 plots in Wu Aluminum 'Da Nang City take land, Deb loan is 400 billion. 200 billion VDD Without, Woo & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; Leading DAB headquarters to meet BN. At this time, Wu signed a document to pay 200 billion db. After that, the staff of Mr. Binheh Fund's Woo & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; Instructed to transfer.

The plan to raise the charter capital failed, the Woo & # 39; aluminum & # 39; JSC North Construction 79 retains DAB $ 600 billion In this way, Woo & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; Due to the signing of the filing, 200 billion DAB has been evaluated.

In the court, the defendant woo & # 39; aluminum & # 39; He said that Trun Fuong Bihan will have to pay a $ 200 billion and $ 13.4 million loan to the plaintiff. Wool & # 39; Aluminum & # 39; Due to commitment, the Woo family has been paid more than VND200 billion in the investigation and to remove results during the trial.

Panel reads judgment ….

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