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Damaged Woo duo Khan was accused of "putting horns on his wife's head", singing and chasing people

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 00:05 AM (GMT + 7)

Girl Vu Duy Khan from her personal life & # 39; Puts things & # 39; The dignity is declared to be handled according to the law.

In fact, Woo du Khan was complained & # 34; Put his horn on his wife's head & # 34;

Woo du Khan is a girl who is not familiar with sensitive personality

A few hours ago, singer Woo du Khan unilaterally distributed the state by pressing on his personal page, his brothers and especially the singers who went to the province to find information on people with open behavior. Break it

Accordingly, a young girl, who did not know it but went to social media, reported that Woo duo Khan "plundered billions of horns in his wife's head" and was beaten by people because it is not suitable for remuneration .

The male singer was angry because the girl had reduced her honor and announced to stay with her for a day, otherwise the law would be resolved.

After the post was shared, many co-workers and fans left comments to share and support Wu Wahoo Khan's decisive handling.

In fact, Woo du Khan was complained & # 34; Put his horn on his wife's head & # 34;

The male singer "tracing" the girl to handle according to the law

By contacting male singers, they are still not annoyed while sharing with us. Woo du Khan said: "The incident took place a long time ago, but recently, the distribution of new online community information was wooed by Woo Dua Khan.

I was very pleased and went there to find out why such information was there because for more than 10 years, I have never fought with anyone. In any show, the audience and friends all love me.

After finding, I was sent by friends to links to 3.4 million people's community sites, who liked a young girl's comment, who claimed to be co-stars, singing with me, 30 million singers sang 2 songs while I was working on them There are 4 songs in the contract.

This is really a myth and the netizens who read it also do not believe in the truth, they leave comments to question the girl.

When I was following Facebook, I initially thought that it was a fake account, but after seeing the girl's personal page, I realized that she was a proven vocalist. When I called for asking about this incident, the girl apologized and said that she is not expecting the seriousness of the incident, happy to comment on the internet.

However, I have not heard this explanation because I have found many similar cases, there are many articles about my salvation. I really can not understand why Netizens are constantly taking divorced story – pain, which I want to hide – to make jokes "

In fact, Woo du Khan was complained & # 34; Put his horn on his wife's head & # 34;

Woo du Khan on Khak Veit and Tuan Hung She is a singer who is selected by her comrades and fans

Woo du Khan well treats his colleagues well, not making enemies against anybody who loves them. So, while creating the story above, she could not understand the purpose of the girl.

"I did not apologize and handed it to my lawyer to work with the lawyer. When a lawyer called, the girl was crying and lying down because she forgot her phone. She made many stories to avoid responsibility, "She shared a girl's sorry message with a photo.

In the end, male singers decided to ignore this story because their age, young girl and the same artist. "Her future career is very long, I – she has been forgiven as a senior so she has had an opportunity to improve it.

Currently, the girl has posted on my official apology page. I think I need a feat because I do not want to do everything in a stressful way. So far, divorce has had a great impact on my life and my image. Hopefully after that, people with bad intentions will take their lessons.

In fact, Woo du Khan was complained & # 34; Put a horn on his wife's head & # 34;

Woo du Khan said: "Never bring others suffering for joking"

Being shameful is not good at all, and not too proud for everyone else. Life gives less insight, do not hurt other people to enjoy; "

Tuyen Quang was caught in love with the beauty of Woo du Khan.

There are words to remember the words of male singers who want to return to the beautiful women's countryside.

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