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Dan Du "stands" while dancing with handsome contestants


After a lot of laughter in the broadcast season, the "Voice Voice" season went officially to the last episode. This season is waiting again by Kat Fuong, Kyu Minh Tuvan, guest singers, "Madi non-opponent" and "Me" Dai Nan.

The first steps are Kivu min tuwan and cat feanong. At the time of the appearance, Chan was worn by the Thai Thai Fuang, using a coat of Thai balloon dress with a non-balloon combination. Kat Feng said he always liked a speaker tranche rather than creating fire for the tan. So they decided to go back to the Xinjiang team. This led to the "soft house" of Tran tani 1. So how to "look" to the queue min tune tan tan.

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Tran Tani has been included in the tournament, with the likes of Qu Minh Tuvan and Dai Nan
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The Trug Giang Group includes: Kat Phnong, Tan Due

Next, two guest singers "Mr." Dai Nan, Tan Due. "The battle", in this fight, is to "teach" how to address his true way: to call "Kat Funnong", "Teacher Que Mein Tovan" But tran tan was once again called the wind phanog "sister wind" The truet he called "ki min tune" "guy" "windfoot" "true"

In this situation, Tran Tahn decided to remain friends with Queen Minh Tuhan. The cats are called "the cat child". The "war" is hard to take advantage of, so it will have to withdraw to Trumgang Giang. "This is a voice voice program, not a program for genealogy.

In the team selection, he returned to the "fast full" shanjiang team. "I'm afraid of tan tan, I always cried out in the last season, in my mini tuwan, the nan tran tani team, cat food, tan du and trump gianong team.

Round 1 – chemistry, 7 the mysterious sounds appear in small shops. Script heard the sound of the character in seconds. From there, each team must find a bad character in the round.

After 30 seconds, the Xinjiang team selected the luggage at Hotel No. 1. Tran Dhan selected the coffee baby in seventh place.

Round 1 Results: Mr. Singer No. 1 – One of the hotel luggage performs the song "All That's up," where everyone works at Suspense. From the first note, this boy made his dick bite, hugged Kat Fuong, chanting Jingg for the wrong voice choices. Introduction of boys to boys Tian Giang, known as Khan Minhoy Kei Lei.

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Strange voice number 1

Voice number 7 praises the song "love kat flowers" in the joy of the teams – coffee mixer. This performance was praised as a struggle with this person. Customer Care Officer is the customer service provider. In the first round, the Tron Tani team only sang the sound.

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Masting voice number 7

Nearest Round 2 – Super showThe rest of the singers will continue to lip-synching on their styles to communicate to their guests voice and voices. After discussing, the Shenzheng team selected the Vol.

Round 2 Results: The fourth dance drama was first sung at the song "Rose". This sang a sigh of praise for singing the song. She is a kindergarten teacher introduced the queen Anne.


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Marm Voice No. 4

The tortoises sold with the third number scene sold with the song "Come With Me". Before singing this song, he said he was very familiar with me. Sadly, the sound of Thanh Duy's song, which is selling the tortoises, will soon be "frozen", and punished for a minute.

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Marm Voice No. 3

After the song, he agreed to kill his pink hair for Than Dw to paint MV, and he did not recognize him. Thank you, Thanh Duy This is because Thanh Duy is very familiar with the 3rd place. Before leaving, this person was named Duyi Thoy. So, the two teams score in the second round.

Stay tuned Decision ring – discloseCompetitors have the right to face that both the mysteries have a good sound for the character. After the first 30 seconds, the team will select 6 teams. After 6, he decided to opt for his right to choose for 6. Finally, Dai Nan Dup's nicknamed voice number 2 dual was chosen.

Result # 3: Position # 5 Girl – The Croft Co-Operation reveals the song "Faraway", which sings the song composed by an English composer. This girl is an editor of the 22-year-old Tanoho.

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Strange voice number 5

Dai Nhan Duit is second on the "Hand Boiling Bread Bread". This is a good voice for lucky Dai NAN. The two eat together at one time to eat together. Min Hugh is also a student at Hollywood and the University of Finance.

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Dai Nhan Duit is second on the "Hand Boiling Bread Bread".

Thanh Duy Duit with Guy sa pomegranate "Clock Editing Number 6." "The song" the pomegranate "singing" the pomegranate diamond "is more than a male singer every time" crying is better than crying. "This young man introduces himself as Nguyen Wong Than Last name is to choose the right voice in this round The Nan is the only person in the world.

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Thanh Duy Duit with Guy sa pomegranate "Clock Editing Number 6." The widdie is familiar with "The Song.

When "Voice Voice Eye" reached, 10 million won from two candidates, Vivo Than and Minh Hu. When he bought 50 million dollars from his din "white"

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