Friday , June 25 2021

Do not deceive you before!

The 62-year-old told his wife: The boy threatened:

True and her husband always share happy moments on a personal page. Source: FB. Samo Ma.

On November 13, Woods Sueau, a 62-year-old wooden souvenir (in the Kao Bong province of Kao-Bang Province), quashed Phoenhag (a girl named "The Revised City"), in this live street, was called "Amanti", while the second wife of the girl was Guo Fengshan Shared the idea.

Immediately, this "purpose" was subjected to severe criticism from the public.

Many differences of opinion left online after livestream. Tari Boo Kiang (26-year-old Sao's husband) responded. For

"Last night when my husband and I talked to each other, many said, that the third person interrupted that couple.

My husband also said, nobody consented, and did not consent. If my husband does not agree, I find another way, "said Saw Saw.

The 62-year-old told his wife: The boy threatened:

Pictures of Mrs. Thu Sai's biography on 13/11.

Smrmt Tu São says that you are looking for another way to help your child get a sperm from your husband.

The 62-year-old man returned from Ho Chi Minh City from Khok Faong Kawa Bag.

Legal advocate Tag Wan Kwong (Hanoi) spoke with a lawyer who lives with husband and wife along with others in law, marriage, and marriage. Infringes the law.

The lawyer pointed out that the 62-year-old bride's sex relationship was to promote polygamy and that the marriage and family law violated her.

If the three are publicly available on social networks, the lawyer said that if the government was able to do so (the breach of the couple's regime), the state could either approve or revenge. To commit criminal offense to the offense of marital offense.

"The behavior of these individuals to live with" unmarried "husband and wife live" is practiced by the Constitution, still practiced by the Constitution, should be in the 66th chapter of the Constitution, a penalty of $ 30-50 million fined by a DVD No. 174/2013 / NCD, "the lawyer pointed out.

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