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Drug driver uses 1 week stone due to a devastating 8-person accident

According to officials, on January 21, at 14:00, a special road traffic accident took place on Km76 + 500, Kim Luong Commune of Co Foc Village, Kim Thanh District, Rai 5 of Hai Duyung Province. Especially serious Due to accidents, vehicles control 3.4 tons of trucks, Hyundai brands, ALO Vietnamese paint JSC (headquarters of KN Hung Ward, Yes Dong District, Hanoi City) control 29 C-719.53.

Drug driver dumped in 1 week due to a busy 8-person accident

A truck run by Luong Van Tam driver caused a fatal accident, in which 8 people were killed and 8 wounded.

Truck driver Luon Van Tam, 28 years old (a permanent resident of the Kong Bang province of Naguon Baan district), is running ALO Vietnam Paint joint stock company.

At the time of the accident, carrying 4 tonnes of bits in the truck, controlling the journey towards Hanoi – Hai Phong. At the time, an assistant, Ta Van Tu, 29, resident of Thanh Oi District, Hanoi City and paint technician Li Munn Tuan was 28 years old, living in Yen Dehh district in Thanh Hao Province.

The car came into the delegation to attend the Congress of the Father Front Committee of Kim Luong Commune to offer incense in a martyr's graveyard in Kim Luong Commune. The delegation is to walk in the streets for the primary vehicles coming back to the community, which causes an accident with a vehicle in the opposite direction of the headquarters of the people's committee.

Drugs are run in 1 week before the accident, driving drugs

The results of the probe's investigation show that, on the same day, until 16:00, Le Man Tuan was the one who was present in the Kim Thaan District Police with an accident car. Hai Dougun Police Force successfully launched Ta Von Tune as a helper to work on 6.3, and driver Luon Van Tam came to work on the same day at 19 o'clock.

Drug driver dumped 1 week due to a busy 8-person accident

Luong Van Tamm on the Investigation Agency (Photo: T. H.)

In the investigative agency Kim Thaheh, the district police sent drivers, supporters and paint techniques in Kim Thaheh District Health Center to examine alcohol, drugs or other stimuli. The results show that three people do not have concentration of alcohol in their inhalation. Urine test: Lung Van Tam's drug type is positive for methaphthalmine (stone medication); Le Man Tuan and Ta Van are the negative for the drugs.

Initially, at Kim Thanh District Police, Lung Van Temme announced sleep and an accident and adopted a week's use of stone medicines.

Drug driver dumped in 1 week due to a busy 8-person accident

Kim Lung Commune and local organizations have all 8 officers.

For timely encouragement of victims' families, Hai Dong police and Kim Thanh district hold meetings of district police victims. The public safety ministry, VDD for the families of the victims of the tragedy of Trum Van Don, Kim Luong Commune's police chief. Have a delegation to visit 30 million and support them; 10 million VDD for two injured victims Supporting the person: Commune Police Deputy Head Mr. Guy Wayne Tian and Police Officer Mr. Hua Van Van

Consequences of accidents: 8 people were killed and 8 wounded.

Injured victims were taken to the emergency in Kim Thanh District Medical Center. After that, one person transferred the emergency to the Wyatt Duck Hospital – Hanoi, transferred to a High Doong General Hospital. Currently, injury cases are recovering well.

* 8 deaths include:

1. Mr. Luong Zhuan Singh, born in 1954, lives in the village of Lung Jha, Kim Lung Samyen (Vice Chairman of the Farmers Association)

2. Mr. Tran Van Don, born in 1963, lives in the village of Lung Jha, Kim Luong Commune (head of Kim Luong Commune Police)

3. Mr. Hua Nahu Doohan, born in 1946, lives in the village of Kim Luong Commune (next area of ​​the residential area), named Luong Jha.

4. Mr. Tran Van Doong, born in 1957, lives in the village of Kim Lung Comune (head of Farmer's Association), Luong Zha.

5. Mr. Lai Hong Tu, born in 1949, lives in the village of Lung Zha, Kim Lung Comune (Chairman of the Organization of Victims of Agent Orange)

6. Shree Pham Van Thuan, born in 1955, lives in Co-Folk-back village in Kim Luong Commune (Area of ​​the Residential Area Front).

7. Mr. Hua Bain Doong, born in 1948, lives in Lung Jab Bak village, Kim Luong Commune (Chairman of the Commune Study Promotion Association)

8. Mr. Le Van Tuong, born in 1949, lived in the village of Luong Jha of Kim Luong Commune (Commander Fatherland Front, the head of the elder association), who died on the road to emergency.

* 8 Injured people include:

1. Mr. Guyan Van Tien, born in 1966, lives in Lung Za Bac village, Kim Luong Commune (deputy head of Commune Police)

2. Mr. Huwa Van Thao, born in 1959, Kim Lung Commune (Police Officer) lives in the village named Luong Zha.

3. Mr. Hua Van Duong, born in 1952, lives in the village of Lung Za Baak, Kim Luong Commune (next area of ​​the residential area)

4. Mrs. Guyan Than Dan, born in 1948, lives in the village of Cole Fuqu in Kim Luong Commune (Field Area of ​​the Residential Area Front).

5. M. Yuan from Guyan, born in 1972, lives in the Kim Luong Commune (deputy village), Co Folk Back Village.

6. Mr. Guggun Van Nu, born in 1961, lives in Lung Jha Bak village, Kim Luong Commune (Deputy Village)

7. Mr. Kao Thai Hoang, born in 1988, Kim Lung Commune (Secretary of Youth Union) lives in the village named Luong Zha.

8. Sue. Lee Thai Chuen, born in 1956, lives in the village of Call Folk Bak of Kim Lough Commune (Residential Front Committee).

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